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Side Effects of Vimovo

Vimovo is a brand new drug which has been approved by the FDA as of April, 2010. Doctor’s prescribe this drug to treat the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. It can also treat ankylosing spondylitis. This drug is comprised of both Naproxen, and esomeprazole magnesium.

It is very important that you understand everything about taking Vimovo before starting therapy. Your prescribing doctor should have all of your medical background on file before prescribing this medicine. Taking Vimovo over the longer period of time can cause some very serious health problems. These include strokes or heart attacks. If you have had a previous heart attack or any type of heart surgery, taking Vimovo would certainly not be advised. Medications like Vimovo that contain an non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug also increase the risk of stomach ulcers and bleeding. This is why it is most important to abstain from smoking, or drinking alcoholic beverages while on this medication. Both smoking and alcohol may greatly increase your chances of terrible side effects from Vimovo.

If you are currently taking Coumadin, or any other type of an anticoagulant medication, it is imperative your treating doctor knows since the risk of bleeding with this drug is very high. Other drugs that may increase your chances of bleeding are Prenisone, since this is a corticosteroid drug, and any other corticosteroid medications.

You need to take Vimovo just as it is recommended for you on the label. Do not double dose if you have missed a dose. Most doctors will go with the dose which is at the very lowest possible to start with.

Vimovo should not be taken by a pregnant woman at all. This drug can cross into the placenta, and cause birth injury to the developing baby. Nursing women should also not take Vimovo.

Vimovo, like most prescribed drugs, can cause a rare life-threatening type of reaction in some people. If you are having hives, tongue and lip swelling, along with trouble breathing, you need to seek emergency help immediately.

Other serious side effects which are possible with Vimovo are possible heart failure, kidney problems, serious skin reactions, possible liver failure, bleeding ulcers, onset of hypertension, and the worsening of asthma attacks. There are still more possible side effects such as vertigo, upset stomach, vomiting, facial swelling, weakness on one side of the body, breathing problems, and slurred speech. Many of these side effects are serious and you will need to report them to your doctor right away. Keeping all doctor appointments while under treatment with Vimovo is extremely important.

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