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Side Effects of Serentil

Serentil is a drug which is used to treat people that have certain psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. The drug may also treat depression as well as helping disturbed children who have aggressive behavior problems.

There are many precautions which must be taken in order for a person to take Serentil safely. Anyone that has any type of heart condition at all, should not be prescribed Serentil since this drug has been known to cause fatal heart arrhythmia’s. People that also have any problems with urination, Parkinson’s Disease, hypotension, glaucoma, seizure problems, or ulcers should likely not take Serentil under those conditions. Serentil may also cause problems with your cough reflex which can turn out to be fatal in some individuals. Women that are pregnant or planning on a pregnancy should also inform their doctor before taking Serentil.

Your doctor should also know of all medicines you are currently taking which are prescribed or not prescribed. Serentil combined with other medicines can cause some serious interactions if combined together. Serentil should not be combined together with any of the sedatives or narcotic drugs. Lithium combined with Serentil has been noted to cause some serious side effects including the loss of consciousness and the inability to control muscle movements.

Over the counter drugs must be purchased with great care while on Serentil since so many of these medicines may have ingredients which could cause very serious drug interactions in people. If you have any questions at all concerning cold, cough, or other over the counter drugs, please talk with your pharmacist first.

Serentil is usually taken anywhere from 30 to 1000 milligrams per day depending upon your individual condition and response. Serentil can either be taken with your food or without depending on whether the drug makes you nauseated or not. You need to follow the directions on the medication label and take as your doctor specified. Never stop taking Serentil on your own without your doctor’s professional advice.

Serious side effects may occur while taking Serentil in some people. You may find that you have blurry vision, lethargy and fatigue, and vertigo. This is why you should not drive or perform any hazardous activities until you know how Serentil will affect you. Other possible side effects include trouble with urination, inflexible muscles, erratic pulses, possible fevers, lowered sexual drive, and problems with menstruation in women. Your doctor should monitor you closely while you are taking Serentil due to the many possible serious side effects.

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