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Side Effects of Paraplatin

Paraplatin is a chemotherapy drug used in fighting off certain cancers. The objective of Paraplatin is to stop cancer cells from growing in the body and to place cancers into remission status. Paraplatin is often a drug used to treat ovarian cancers. This drug is not used alone in chemotherapy, but used in combinations with other chemo drugs.

There are certain precautions that must be taken before receiving Paraplatin as part of your chemotherapy. If you currently have any liver or kidney disease, or you have an immune system that is lowered, then taking Paraplatin would be questionable. Your doctor will have to determine how much of this drug you can receive if any, under those medical conditions. Women that are expecting a baby should also not take Paraplatin since this drug can injure the unborn baby and cause birth defects. The side effects to a nursing mother are as yet not really known.

Your treating oncologist should also be aware of all other medicines you are taking since these may also effect whether or not you may take Paraplatin as part of your cancer drug treatment. Paraplatin can definitely cause you to have a weakened immune system so that it is easy for you to get infections and many other illnesses. When taking this drug, it is therefore important to stay away from people that have colds and flu, or other types of contagious illnesses.

Paraplatin is a drug which you receive intravenously about once per month. It is usually done in a hospital or clinical setting with qualified nurses. Your doctor will probably add some drugs for nausea relief along with the Paraplatin since it upsets your stomach. Your blood will also need very frequent testing, especially of kidney function since Paraplatin can cause kidney functions to decline as well as problems with the liver enzymes.

Paraplatin can cause some significant serious side effects. Like most chemotherapy drugs, the loss of your hair is common. Pallor to the skin, bleeding or bruising easily, and ulcers in the mouth are unfortunately all too common with these drug types. Projectile vomiting is another common side effect along with fatigue, changes in heart rate, feeling faint, and lack of an appetite. Symptoms of liver dysfunction may occur which are jaundice of the skin, stomach pains, dark urine, and pale stools. These side effects should all be reported to your doctor if they occur with taking Paraplatin.

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