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Side Effects of Jenloga

Jenloga is a drug which doctors may use for the treatment of hypertension and some other conditions. Other conditions Jenloga may be used for include ADHD, growth delay in childhood, profuse sweating problems, and restless legs syndrome. Jenloga is an alpha agonist type of drug which means that it widens the blood vessels. Jenloga also is fast acting, and it can lower high blood pressure within 1 hour after you take it.

Not everyone can take Jenloga, or some people may need a special dose adjustment as determined by their treating doctor. If you have heart problems, kidney problems, past heart attack or stroke, or various problems with the blood vessels, then taking Jenloga will be questionable. Women that are pregnant should also not be taking Jenloga for any reason since this drug has shown that it will injure the unborn baby. If you are either pregnant or nursing then, you need to let your doctor know.

There are also several medicines that may interact poorly with Jenloga. You should let your doctor know of any over the counter drug you are taking since many of these medicines purchased over the counter can cause serious sometimes life threatening interactions with Jenloga or any other prescribed drug. Any of the tricyclic antidepressant drugs may also work against the effects of Jenloga as well as any of the anti-inflammatory drugs.

While taking Jenloga, you should avoid drinking very much alcohol at all. Alcoholic beverages may intensify side effects and cause a severe drop in blood pressure with taking Jenloga.

You need to take Jenloga just as your doctor prescribed it for you and on a regular basis. You should not stop this drug on your own for any reason unless your doctor tells you how to do so without the side effects. By stopping Jenloga on your own, serious withdraw effects can take place including severe high blood pressure, which is life threatening, and can lead into a debilitating stroke, or massive heart attack.

There are possible serious side effects which can occur with taking Jenloga that everyone should be aware of. Changes in heart rhythms may occur, behavior changes, lack of sexual desire, depression, and severe headaches may occur. Fatigue is also a very common side effect within the first weeks of taking Jenloga.In rare cases, Jenloga can cause an allergic type of reaction where hives occur along with facial and tongue swelling, and trouble breathing. These are emergency symptoms which call for treatment at once.