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Side Effects of Hivid

Hivid is a drug which doctors may use to treat the HIV virus. The HIV virus can easily progress into AIDS if the duplication of certain cells carrying the virus isn’t stopped. This is what Hivid aims to do, it to put an end to the duplication process in HIV. People must realize however, that Hivid as well as other HIV drugs, will NOT cure HIV, but rather only put an end to the progression of the virus. Hivid is probably one of several HIV medications which you will take.

Many of the HIV medications may cause lactic acidosis. Hivid is no different since it may also cause this rare life threatening side effect. Lactic acidosis will typically show symptoms of extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, rapid heart rate, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pains. If you are having these symptoms, then it is important that you get emergency treatment right away. If lactic acidosis is not properly treated, then it will surely cause death.

Your treating doctor must also know of all your medical conditions besides HIV. If you have had a previous background of pancreatitis, liver or kidney problems, your doctor may need to tailor the dosage of some of these HIV mecications, or combine them so that they don’t cause you to have adverse effects.

Hivid may cause pancreatitis anyhow, even if you have not had a past history of this illness. If while taking Hivid, you experience abdominal pain which is severe, upset stomach, vomiting, pale stools, jaundice and urine that is dark, these are both indicative of either pancreatitis, or liver dysfunction, both of which are very serious.

Hivid may cause an unborn child to have birth defects. For this reason, your doctor should know if you are pregnant. The HIV virus itself may also spread to the baby anyway, so this is something that women should be aware of before getting pregnant. HIV virus may also pass right on into the breast milk of nursing moms.

You need to take Hivid as your doctor has prescribed on the medicine label. Do not take more than is recommended, nor double it up if you forget a dose. The typical dosage given is usually about 75 milligrams every eight hours which is twice daily. It is very important that while under your doctor’s care for HIV, that you keep all doctor appointments.

Other than side effects of lactic acidosis, damage to the liver and the pancreas, this drug may also cause neuropathy in some people. Be aware of any type of tingling or numbness in your extremities which indicates neuropathy. Other side effects may also be seizure activity, bruising easily, and pallor of the skin. Changes of your body fat may also occur.