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Side Effects of Emsam

Emsam is an MAOI drug type which is used for treating people that have Parkinson’s Disease and depression as well. This drug is usually combined with other drugs to treat Parkinson’s Disease such as Levodopa along with Carbidopa. Emsam works to inhibit the release of the enzyme monoamine oxidase. Not only does Emsam work to block that enzyme, but it helps to stimulate dopamine in the brain which is a chemical that those with Parkinson’s Disease lack.

There are many precautions that the doctor will have to use before adding Emsam to your treatment plan for either depression or Parkinson’s Disease. If you have problems with epileptic seizures, hypotension, heart problems, or a background of manic depression, then it may not be safe to take Emsam unless your doctor can determine otherwise. Sometimes Emsam may cause a person to have thoughts of self injury or suicide when they begin to take it. If this is an effect which you are having while you are taking Emsam at anytime, you need to report this to your doctor at once.

Many other drugs may also interact with Emsam. Since Emsam is an MAOI type of drug, combining it with certain other drugs like the SSRI antidepressant drugs for example, or tricyclic anitdepressants, will cause life threatening side effects. Emsam should not be put together with any narcotic type of medications since this too, is life threatening and could easily turn out to be a fatal outcome. Before you purchase any cough or cold medicines over the counter at all, you should first consult with your pharmacist since many of these medicines can also produce life threatening side effects.

You should also let your doctor know if you are pregnant or nursing since Emsam can be capable of causing birth defects in an unborn baby.

Emsam should be taken just exactly as prescribed on the medication’s label. The usual dosage is from 6 up to 12 milligrams daily which is applied in patches absorbed by the skin. Staying on Emsam on a continual basis is very important as long as it is recommended by your doctor. Do not stop the therapy on your own without your doctor’s consent.

There are possibilities of other severe side effects from taking Emsam. It may cause you to have syncope, or feel very dizzy and light-headed. Some people have also reported that they have urination problems, lack of appetite, constipation, and loss of sex drive. While anyone is taking Emsam, they need to be under their doctors continuous care for regular blood work and to check on the side effects.