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Side Effects of Dolobid

Dolobid is a medication which doctors may prescribe for treating the pain of both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It is in the category of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It works a lot like aspirin as it works to reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis. Dolobid blocks hormones called prostaglandins which play a role in inflammation to begin with.

Before you take Dolobid there are several drug precautions you should know. Your prescribing doctor should have a complete record of all medications you are taking including those that are over-the-counter drugs. There are several over-the-counter drugs which may interact very negatively with Dolobid. If you have a problem with taking aspirin products, this is an important item to note since Dolobid contains aspirin.

One of the bigger dangers of NSAIDS is that they can cause bleeding and perforation in the stomach. This is very serious and the longer you are on Dolobid, the higher that risk. This effect may happen suddenly in some people.

The longer you take Dolobid, one of the other warnings is having circulation problems or heart problems. If you have any heart problems at all or had recent heart surgery, it would not be safe to take Dolobid at all. This drug may actually cause circulation or heart problems especially the longer you are on this medicine.

Anyone that has problems with liver disease, breathing problems, trouble with normal blood clotting, nasal polyps, and smoking may also be unable to take Dolobid safely. Anyone on Coumadin or other blood thinning medications should also not use Dolobid.

Dolobid may cause an allergic response in some people, especially those that are allergic to aspirins at all. If you would happen to have a type of allergic response to Dolobid, your symptoms would be a hive breakout, tongue and lip swelling, and also difficulty in breathing. These symptoms need urgent medical attention right away.

Pregnancy side effects are unknown with Dolobid. It has been determined however, that nursing a baby isn’t safe while taking this drug since it passes on into breast milk. Let your doctor know if either of these situations apply to you.

It is important that you refrain from alcoholic drinks while you are taking Dolobid. Alcohol may encourage bleeding problems with this medication. Other serious side effects are trouble breathing, chest pains, putting on weight rapidly, edema, cessation of urination, upset stomach, and lack of appetite. Some people have also reported symptoms that relate to the liver such as pale stools, dark urine, and jaundice. These are all serious side effects which need to be reported to your doctor at once.

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