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Side Effects of Dilaudid

A doctor might prescribe Dilaudid for pain levels that are from moderate levels into the more severe stages. Dilaudid may be a medication which is used to control cancer pain in some people, or pain after having a surgical procedure.

Dilaudid, like other opioid drugs, can be very habit forming. Before you take Dilaudid, your doctor will need to know whether or not you have had previous problems with drug addiction in the past or not, as well as any alcohol addiction. Dilaudid is a medication which you should not loan to anyone else in order to relieve their pain. This is a very serious drug as are all opioid drugs, and needs to be taken only for whom it is prescribed. Your doctor should also know if you are currently taking any other form of pain drugs since Dilaudid may have some extremely serious interactions with other drugs that are also in the same category. It is also important to abstain from drinking any alcoholic beverage while you are taking Dilaudid. Alcohol combined with this drug is very dangerous, and possibly even lethal.

Your doctor will tell you how long you can take this medication since it is not a drug which should be used indefinitely. If it is used indefinitely, Dilaudid has a high possibility of causing withdraw symptoms if not stopped properly as recommended by the doctor.

There are a number of people who may also be unable to safely take Dilaudid. These are people that have liver or kidney disease, adrenal gland disorders, low blood pressure, breathing problems, those that have problems with seizures, hypothyroidism, those with past brain trauma, and people with scoliosis.

Dilaudid should also not be taken by women that are pregnant since this drug can pass into the unborn child, and cause the child to be born with an addiction to the drug and suffer from withdraw after the birth. Dilaudid should also not be taken by mothers who are nursing.

Dilaudid has many possible side effects. People have reported things like upset stomach, feeling disoriented/confused, feeling very weak, having clammy and cold skin, experiencing seizure activity, skin itching, sweating, vertigo, no appetite, and fainting. These drug effects need to be reported to your doctor as soon as possible. Since Dilaudid may often make people feel out of it and not completely alert, it is important to be very cautious when doing any hazardous tasks such as driving a car, or operating other forms of machinery.

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