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Side Effects of Ceftazidime

Ceftazidime is an antibiotic injection prescribed for various bacterial infections. Ceftazidime is also categorized as an anti – pseudomonas antibiotic because of its superior efficacy in killing tough pseudomonas bacteria.

What the doctor should know before prescribing Ceftazidime?

If you have liver, kidney or bowel problems then you must inform your doctor before starting Ceftazidime therapy. In addition, if you are allergic to any antibiotic then you must also tell your doctor.

What are the common side effects?

Since this medication is only available as injections, one of the commonest problems associated with it is injection site irritation. In addition, this medication can cause tissue destruction, if it goes out of the vein. So if you developed redness, swelling and pain in your injection site then you must inform that to your health care provider immediately.

Vomiting, stomach upset and diarrhea are other commonest side effects. Inform your healthcare provider, if these symptoms are not going away.

What are the uncommon side effects?

Excessive sleepiness, myoclonic seizures and generalized seizures, have been reported rarely with Ceftazidime. Although these side effects are rare, they can occur with renal impairment.

In addition, kidney pain, urethral pain, difficulty in urination, vaginal candidiasis (fungal infection in vagina) and excessive vaginal discharge have been reported rarely with Ceftazidime therapy.

What are the dangerous side effects?

Ceftazidime changes the composition of intestinal normal bacterial flora (mixture of friendly and not so friendly bacteria which are important in disease prevention and proper immune function). This imbalance can result in pseudomembranous colitis. It is a serious problem characterized by bloody diarrhea, stomach pain and stomach bloating. You must seek immediate medical help if you happen to get this problem.

Allergic reactions have been reported in certain patients. These include rashes, itching, redness, and hives. Most severe reactions include Steven Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis, and anaphylactic reaction.

Symptoms of above reactions are breathing difficulty, severe itching with lots of hives, skin peeling off from body and faintness. If these symptoms are present following Ceftazidime therapy then you must inform your healthcare provider right away.

Pregnancy and breast feeding

If you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or nursing then inform your doctor. In addition, if you happen to get pregnant while on this medication you must also tell that to your doctor.


Ceftazidime is a lifesaving intravenous antibiotic prescribed in serious infections, especially infections caused by pseudomonas bacteria. But it can cause side effects.