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Side Effects of Butrans

Butrans is a strong pain medication that is used for people who need a lot of pain control around the clock. This drug was approved as of July 1, 2010. Butrans is classified as an opioid drug. This drug comes on a patch that you apply, and it should last for a week at a time as it delivers the drug to your body. The generic name of the drug is buprenorphine.

There are quite a number of precautions that a doctor needs to look at before prescribing Butrans for a patient. In certain conditions, the drug may be too hazardous to even use. Your doctor should know about all conditions you have as well as all medicines you are currently using, even over the counter. Over the counter drugs can cause a deadly interaction if they are ever combined with Butrans. One of the things you should let your doctor know is whether you have ever had a problem with drug addiction or alcohol abuse. Butrans can be highly addictive so that information is very important. Do not place Butrans anywhere that someone else can get to it and use it. This is a serious pain drug that is often used to deal with cancer types of pain.

If you have adrenal gland disorders, any breathing problems, trouble with low blood pressure, thyroid disorders, urination problems, liver or kidney problems, any hepatitis, seizure problems, brain disorders or head injury, or heart problems, then you may be unable to take this drug safely or need a special dosage adjustment. Women that are expecting should NOT take Butrans at all since it can cause injury to the unborn baby. Butrans is also a drug that will get into the breast milk of nursing mothers.

The dosage of Butrans must be very carefully set by your treating doctor. Doses that are too high can bring on very serious side effects such as severe breathing problems that may even prove fatal.

Fatigue is a very common side effect of Butrans. While you are under this drug, you should avoid driving, or doing any activity which requires you to use careful judgment. Feelings of vertigo are also quite common when using Butrans.

Your treating doctor should do some blood tests before you start taking this drug and while you are taking it since it may effect the liver. If you are having liver dysfunction problems while taking Butrans, these include jaundice, pale stools, dark urine, and abdominal pain. Other serious side effects from Butrans may include sudden drops in blood pressure which will cause you to feel light-headed. This is something else to be aware of.

Many people also experience constipation with opioid drug types like Butrans. Vomiting is also quite common.

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