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Shoulder Releasing Yoga Pose

The shoulders like the hips are that part of your anatomy that you use quite subconsciously. You may realize that you are using your hands and arms when working, or that you are using your legs when running or walking. But you tend to overlook the role of the shoulders and hips which bear all the friction of the moment of your limbs.

So nourishing your hips and shoulders is very important. Here we describe the shoulder releasing yoga poses which are generally made a part of the yoga sequences for beginners.

One of the best ways to exercise your shoulders is to ensure that you can move your arms in a full rotation from the shoulders. Doctors normally ask patients of rheumatism and arthritis to rotate their arms in a circular movement to see how far the shoulder joints have deteriorated.

The sequence of shoulder releasing poses we describe here also starts from your moving your arms. From a standing position, take your left arm up and bend the elbows behind your head and bend your left wrist too. Now take your right arm behind your head and hold your left elbow with your right hand. Tug at your right elbow, as far as you comfortably can. You may lower your head as you tug at the elbow.

Keep breathing deeply and deliberately and pause here for between three to five breaths and then exit this step by releasing your left elbow. Raise both your arms and stretch them upwards and then lower them once again by your sides.

Now interchange the position of your arms and lift your right arm up first and place it behind your head and then raise your left arm. With your left hand hold your right elbow and repeat the cycle of motions that you did with your right hand.

This exercise is a simple one and it has many benefits. It gives your triceps and biceps a good stretch. When you tug at the opposite arm, you also give good exercise to your wrists. This apart, even your shoulders get stretched quite severely. Although it is quite unnoticed when you do this pose, but you also end up stretching your ribcage and extending and lengthening your spine. The muscles of your upper back too are nourished due to the stretch your give to your arms.

This pose helps in building your body’s resistance to the frozen shoulder syndrome and to other neck and upper spine related ailments like spondylitis.


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