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Should Women with Children Undergo Infertility Treatments to have more – No

Women with children should not be allowed to undergo infertility treatments in order to have more children. Infertility treatments were designed to assist those who are unable to produce children under the normal circumstances. A woman who has done so successfully without any type of medical intervention should count her blessings and not waste time with such a procedure. There is always the option of adoption and foster-parenting that may need to be considered with this thought of having additional children. The need is great in that arena.

However there may be exceptions to this situation. I do not know what that would be but perhaps there are certain case by case scenarios. Not to mention any names but there has been mistakes made when it came to some women with children who wanted more children and obtained them through infertility treatments. They obviously were selfish and unprepared for what was about to take place once it happened. The doctors were no better in deciding to perform the procedures. I am sure that they (doctors) have plenty of patients that could truly benefit from infertility treatments. What doctor in his or her right frame of mind would even do such a thing and want to be responsible for the outcome? There is just too much freedom in the world! It would just be taking things too far.

I believe the desire to mother children can be satisfied by other means. There are plenty of homeless children and “unwanted children” who are in great need of care and mothering as it is. For a woman to put herself through the financial difficulties and health side effects associated with infertility treatment, no guarantee is insane. Why go through that type of pain? How does one prepare their children for such a decision? How does one cope? The cons far outweigh the pros for this question. And how do the fathers, husbands, significant others feel about this? It would totally defeat part of their purpose right? Especially if they are healthy, functional and present.

Women who already have children and still want more by undergoing fertility treatments should really be examined mentally and physically. It is awfully greedy and selfish, not to mention expensive. And regardless whether she may have a bigger purse or not it is unfair to the purpose of the technology and to those who it was intended to be created or designed for. It is a waste of money and a waste of time for these naturally child bearing women to consider this if that would be the case. In the case of the single mother, it should not be allowed whatsoever. Society would have to pick up the tab in a variety of ways and the economy is bad off enough. There are better ways to put tax dollars to use.

Infertility treatments should be for COUPLES who cannot have children by natural methods only. Not for women who just want to increase their family size for selfish gain.