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Should Pharmaceutical Companies Develop a Stay Faithful Pill to Reduce Sexual – No

The very idea that pharmaceutical companies develop a stay faithful pill to reduce sexual desires is absurd. It violates the whole idea of faithfulness.

TO use a pill or any other type of coercion to induce faithfulness in another individual is disgusting. You are violating their basic human right to make a choice.

Staying faithful is a human concept, not a biological imperative. Forcing someone to stay faithful is like forcing someone to love you. It cannot be done. You would know that the love or faithfulness you were getting from the person was not of their own volition, that it was chemically induced.

The side effects of making something like this, and actually having the audacity to release it out into the world for public consumption and use, will announce to the world that we have officially embarked on a road to annihilation. People will continue to make all sorts of pills, be it anti-theft pills, anti-homosexuality pills, and beyond the abortion pill, the anti-reproduction pill.

The moral and social ramifications for tampering with the human mind in such a manner are so vast is that it is impossible to chart them all.

Old ideas of eugenics will resurface, and pills manipulating people down to the colors they like and who they associate with will become commonplace.

A person stripped of their free will cannot be held responsible for anything.

A stay faithful pill is a very bad idea.

Faithfulness stems from a person’s love and dedication to another.It emanates from a feeling that your life partner or lover or spouse make you whole, and that even though you will still have the occasion sexual thought about other people, it will barely be anything more than a blip because you have tied all of those feelings ti your beloved.

Having a pill do this will be like the treatment the character Alex received in A Clockwork Orange.

Being inhibited by a pill version of the v-chip will not make those thoughts or feelings go away.

All they will do is eliminate the free will of the individual taking them and give their mate or spouse a false sense of security.

No amount of conditioning or pill can subdue the human spirit for very long, and as a species humans are very well known for breaking out of conditioning and being able to survive and overcome the most horrific experiences.

This stay faithful pill is a bad idea, and is a Pandora’s box best left closed.