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Should Patients be sent Home to Die without being Informed about Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine and hands on healing has been around for thousands of years, it has been used within many different cultures and has been very beneficial to there lives. Still today there are cultures, mainly in the eastern world who choose to use alternative medicine which have great healing properties, rather than to use orthodox medicine.

Recently alternative therapy has started to be introduced into the western world, with some who have accepted its healing properties although there are still many sceptics about. Some of the benefits of alternative therapies can not be measured scientifically, therefore to some, means they do not work. We have been brought up in a scientific world where everything can be measured, with effects and results scientifically proven, when this is not the case it is passed off as a scam. You can see the benefits of alternative medicine in the eastern and now the western world, seeing these people who were once in ill health with diseases are now recovering. Some alternative therapies might not be scientifically proven at the moment, with different theories and probabilities this does not mean alternative therapy does not work.

Answering the question, should people be sent home to die without being informed about alternative medicine? The answer is no. Every person has the right to try any possibility which may help there body to heal, even if orthodox medical practitioners do not agree with a particular therapy because it can not be scientifically proven. Doctors are sending these people home to die because they have given up hope for them, until every possibility has been tried then there is still always hope. People’s bodies react differently, with no human body the same, some may react better to orthodox medicine than others. If the body has a blockage within it and needs realigning before it can begin to heal, no matter what is pumped into the body, chances are it will not be as affective until the body has been realigned.

Orthodox medicine and alternative medicine both have many great benefits, with each using their own unique healing style. These two types of healing should be allowed to work alongside one another, to give everyone the choice of how they want there body treated, giving there body every possibility to redeem itself of illness. People should not be sent home to die, people should not give up hope, they should be aware of every possibility which is open to them. Every possibility should be exhausted, giving the body every possible chance of redeeming itself, the human body is an amazing thing with so much capability. Capable of performing miraculous possibilities.