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Should i Weigh myself every Day

If you are trying to lose weight, you likely want to see immediate results. And as a result, you may find yourself standing on the scale each morning with bated breath.

You hope to see a smaller number than the day before. And while that may just happen, you are really setting yourself up for disappointment if you weight yourself daily.

In fact, you can arguably lose more weight by not having daily weigh-ins. Below are a few reasons why.

* You will not obsess as much

If you choose to check your weight each morning, you may start obsessing about the number on the scale. You may judge your efforts more by what it says than by what you have done.

Yet the scale does not always give an accurate picture of what you weigh. For starters, sometimes you will retain fluids – even if you have not had high salt content the night before.

The body just works in some mysterious ways. A fluctuation up of a couple of pounds is totally normal on certain days.

However, if you are weighing obsessively, you may take an increase as a sign of failure. Even worse, you may use this disappointment as an excuse to go off your food plan.

* You can enjoy the weight loss journey more

When you choose not to weigh daily, you take some pressure off yourself. And as long as you are committed to your diet plan, less pressure is a good thing.

Losing weight is a journey, and it often involves far more than dropping pounds. It can entail internal changes and healing. And it can be a really neat experience.

So why take away from that by putting unnecessary pressure on yourself each morning? Consider weighing once a month. Or see how your clothes fit on you. When you drop a chunk of weight, your clothes will get much looser.

* You are not held hostage to the scale

How many times have you seen a number you did not want to see on the scale, and gone on to punish yourself severely that day? Again, if you are making healthy choices, let that be your reward.

You do not need to be held hostage to the scale – from an emotional standpoint. You want to make progress, but you do not want a tool for measurements to be a daily tracker. It’s just not healthy for you, and you should decide to treat yourself better.