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Should Diet Pills be Banned – No

Diet pills should not be banned. I may not like them. I may not agree with what the pharmaceutical company is promoting, but living in the US, they have the right to produce and sell them. Telling them they can not produce and sell these “diet pills” is not the way the US was formed. They have a right to build a business and to profit from it. If you do not agree with what they are selling then simply don’t buy it. I don’t. The more people who will refuse to buy these pills, the sooner the company producing them will go out of business. Forcing them to go out of business would be the American way to tell the company’s producing the diet pills that we, the people, have no interest in what they are selling and we will not buy into their propaganda. They will get the point when they have to close their doors.

Do you drive? Most people do, or have at some point in their life. Banning cars is similar to the banning of diet pills. People would rather jump in a car to drive two blocks to get some milk (and maybe a candy bar or a bag of chips) at the corner store rather than walk there, then they complain that they are overweight. But their weight is not a symptom of their life style choices, it is someone else’s fault, or so they think.

Simply put, to ban the diet pills would create a much larger problem than keeping them on the market. There is an enormous market for this type of product and the company’s producing these have capitalized on the fact that most Americans are just looking for that “magic pill” or the cure for their weight problems. Americans would rather take a pill to cure the effect than resolve the cause of the problem, Their eating habits. Get up, go for a walk, watch what you eat, watch how much you eat. Diet pills should not be banned, just make them go out of business, don’t buy them.

To ban the production of diet pills would be to trample all over the rights of every American. The manufactures have the right to produce them. You are a person, a thinking rational human being and if people would allow the government to stop the productions of such a product would be UN-American. Just some food for thought.