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Should a Person Smoke Disadvantages of Smoking

I believe smoking is wrong in any place and at any time. Unfortunately, the world we live in commonly accepts and legalizes the use of cigarettes containing nicotine. Harming your own body with increased risk of heart attack and stroke are a few factors that the general public are already aware of. What many people don’t realize is that they are hurting others just as much or even more when they smoke.

Rather than just using the Internet and my own knowledge as a source, I consulted a health teacher that I know. A sad reality of cigarettes is that as you smoke, the people around you will actually breathe in more of the toxins than you do. Smokers take in the smoke then puff out what their body cannot readily accept. Anyone standing within the same room are then forced to breathe in both the smoke that you breathe out and the harmful toxins not even you suffer.

So when adults laugh off the topic that they are killing themselves sooner by smoking, they are actually harming those around them more with the second hand smoke. A small child could readily breathe in the contaminated air without realising they are doing it. That is why smoking in public areas has been slowly disposed of because if there is a child around, you could be damaging their lungs and heart more than yours.

Think about that next time you reach for a cigarette. Really think about it. It might be worth while to risk your own life for a good smoke, but is it worth the life of an innocent bystander, or maybe your own child? Some people might think I’m being too harsh; well a family member very close to me had to have open heart surgery, after a heart attack, because of a smoking problem. I am only a teen myself, and still I understand the importance of remaining smoke free.

I help run a nursery full of little ones at my church and to think they could die from someone else’s mistake breaks my heart. There are so many more benefits in life if a person remains a non-smoker. Not being dependent on the drug nicotine, being able to enjoy the company of young people without worrying for their health, and you yourself with not only smell better, but look and feel healthier as well.

This was not written with the intent to discourage you, but rather to enlighten anyone on some of the dangers of smoking, and the benefits of a nonsmoker’s life. For people who have trouble refraining from smoking, here is a good Bible verse to reflect on: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Though a difficult process, there are those willing to help a friend who is trying to quit such a harmful habit.