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Shopping Tips for an Allergy Free Home

Many of the things we are most allergic too can be found inside our homes, but with more careful selection, and some allergy prevention, we can help clear the air.

1. Filtration systems in air conditioners and furnaces were meant to protect us and our environment from undue pollution. Innovations in filtration include new filters that will actually filter out over 90% of the dust and pollens that are constantly being circulated throughout the house. These are available at most department stores or home improvement centers.

2. Look for accessories for your rooms, such as pillows and throws that have a hypo-allergenic label. These are usually made from and stuffed with natural materials, can be machine washed, and do not have chemical additives.

3. Look for a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filtration system, and is specifically designed for cleaning up pet dander, dust mites, and pollens.

4. Mattress and bed pillow allergen covers are covers that go over the pillow or mattress before the pillow case and mattress covers. Put on over appropriately cleaned or steamed mattresses and pillows, they prevent the invasion of dust mites. They should be removed and washed along with the pillow cases and bedding.

5. Air cleaners for your home. There is an endless supply of air cleaners on the market, designed for any room, and any size area. These help keep pollutants under control, however, you will need to change the filters occasionally or replace them.

6. If you have a humidity problem in your home, it’s a good idea to buy a dehumidifier. Specialists claim that allergens increase at humidity levels above 50%, and decreasing humidity in the summer months can actually eliminate most dust mites.

7. Hopefully you aren’t allergic to man’s best friend, but if you do have a pet allergy, there are some shampoos for dogs on the market now that are promoted to cut down on these reactions. These shampoo treatments are effective for a month or more.

8. Buy window treatments that are made from natural fibers, untreated, and, that can be machine washed. While these may take a little more work, such as ironing, they do not produce reactions, and dust and pollen can more easily be removed.

9. If you have carpeting, and a carpet steam cleaner, buy a shampoo product for use in your cleaner that is specifically made for allergy control. Steaming carpets not only kills dust mites, the shampoo helps to eliminate the effect of further allergens.

10. Carpet and upholstery steamers are popular now, because they do kill dust mites and other bacteria on furniture and carpets.