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Sex Health Benefits

Sex, not only is it fun, it is actually quite good for you too! Sex has many benefits for both the body and mind. Now, while we are talking about the benefits of having a bountiful sex life you also have to remember all of this goes to waste if you are being unsafe about it! So here we go, all of the reasons that an ample sex life will benefit you and your other!

Now, so do you feel over worked, stressed and maybe even a little depressed. Well, I have got the perfect cure for your ailment, SEX! An orgasm actually helps you to relax as well as get a good nights sleep. But wait, now there is also a recent study by students at the University of New York in Albany that says semen can act as an antidepressant! But remember, you still need to be safe!

OK, so do you come home from work or the gym at night a little achy and overall sore? Well, guess what! Sex can help you with that! Orgasming is a great pain reliever. Oxytocin is pumped through the body before and during your orgasm, also endorphins are released helping to ease your body. According to a study by Beverly Whipple your pain Threshold increases from seventy five to one hundred seven percent.

Needing to tone up a bit and maybe get a little cardio health in? Sex can help you with that too! Sex is a great workout for both the man and woman both. You can burn extra calories depending on the intensity, duration, position and amount or orgasms had. Now for the heart health, studies have also shown that swallowing semen can help lower chances of preeclampsia. Also, sex is shown to help lower blood pressure in individuals.

Now for the men, want to help lower your chances of prostate cancer? Studies show that with increased amounts of times a male ejacultes his chances of getting prostate cancer lower. That is a win win situation!

Want to help turn the clock back a little? Try to fight the signs of aging maybe? Sex can do that! A British study showed that men with an increased sex life showed up to a fifty percent drop in mortality rates. And ladies, it can keep you from getting vaginal atrophy, which can cause problems such as urinary tract infections.

So overall, sex is pretty darn beneficial. So grab your spouse or significant other, throw back your sheets and get to it! Your health is depending on it.You’ve got some work to do! If they have any ifs, ands or buts about it just let them read this article and I am sure that all will be well. Just remember to play it safe, be smart about things and enjoy!