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Sequence Yoga Session Hatha Yoga

A yoga class should normally begin with a session of breathing exercises called the Pranayams. The typical breathing exercises are the Anulom Vilom, and Kapalbhati.

The Anulom Vilom involves single nostril breathing, where you sit cross legged and hold one nostril with your finger and breathe in using your other nostril. In Kapalbhati you do a long inhalation, and then hold your breath, and finally breathe out in a long exhalation.

After you do both the above exercises, your heart and lungs would feel refreshed and your overall blood circulation would improve.

Now you may start with relatively less physically-strenuous exercises like the cat-cow pose. In this pose, you are on all fours and in alternate movements, raise your back upwards, by drawing your belly button inwards. You need to hold for some time in this position, and then curve your back downwards. This would give exercise to your spine, shoulders, and neck.

After this you may move on to do more strenuous yoga exercises like the Sun Salutation. To do this, too you are on all fours, and depress your chest to the floor, by bending your elbows. In one single motion, you also lift your chest up and pause. Repeat this cycle of movements, for as long as you find it comfortable. The Sun Salutation gives exercise to your triceps, biceps, shoulders and neck. Your thighs, ankles and calves too are nourished.

You can follow the Sun Salutation with the Shoulder Stand. To do this, you lie down on your back and raise your legs to make them vertical. You lift up your feet till your foot soles are parallel to the ceiling. You may then lift your back and support it with your palms and hold your torso vertically up on your shoulders.

There are many other poses that you can include in your daily yoga session like the Camel pose, Fish Pose, Peacock pose. In fact you need not do all the poses on the same day, but include some of them in your session, depending on your medical condition. For this you would need to consult your doctor and yoga teacher before deciding the best combination of poses for you.

A yoga session can conclude with the relaxation poses like the Lotus pose also known as the Padmasana and the Corpse pose which is also known as the Shavaashana.

In the Lotus pose you sit cross-legged, and place your hands on your knees, and breathe normally. In the Corpse pose, you lie down on your back, spread your arms to your sides and breathe normally after closing your eyes for complete relaxation.


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