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Selfcounseling Paychology Psychiatry Study

This writer’s assumption is that formal counseling by psychologists and psychiatrists and simple counselors simply does not work for a majority of patients. One only has to look at the one hundred years or so of the followers of Freud to see the lack of real worth in most modern psychology-psychiatry as commonly practiced. The exception is the person who is seriously disturbed and may be a danger to himself or others. Definitely, he needs the attention of a seasoned psychiatrist, preferably one with an MD and medical experience.

But the whole world we have of troubled people who do not know where to turn is a REAL problem, and the solution is getting scant attention from any source. This writer received the first doctorate issued in the science of PSYCHOLINGUISTICS, which looks for answers in problems posed in spoken language, body language, and written language. It is helpful but not a curative.

What is proposed is that the government, preferably the Federal government, fund a long-term and serious study to produce a SYSTEM and MATERIALS that would educate ALL Americans from pre-school through University levels in their own ability to recognize their OWN problems.

One might pick a large group of older and thoughtful and highly intelligent individuals with the human experience, and have them produce, liberally using computers, visual elements, and the Internet, a series to inform the INDIVIDUAL on how to guard himself and understand his limitations and possibilities in life.

The system night begin with a pre-school system, somewhat based on JIM HENSON and the successes of Sesame Street, but the focus entirely on the individual child learning to handle its mental health.

Then one would progress to the first grade through third grade with more sophisticated instruction and slowly evolving through the othe grades to high school, each grade introducing those problems most prevalent at those levels, and how to cope with them INDIVIDUALLY.

By the time the student has absorbed grades pre-school through grades twelve, he/she ought to be aware of ‘self’ and able to combat the fears and attacks of nature that all persons have at some time in their lives..

Then, hopefully going to college, as it seems all Americans will under our new world be able to do, the very serious aspects of counseling, of proper sex, marriage, coupling, real love, and being a productive and positive person, can be contained in the four years of college, allowing a person able to look after itself emerge from the long educational period of sixteen years or so.

We see this plan not larded up with the mumbo-jumbo of psychology and the mistahes of past ages, but a system to remind the subject that within the bounds of his intelligence, he is competent to become not only a positive force in humanity, but ‘happy’in the sense of knowing herself-himself.

A massive idea but easily obtainable with, say, a group of genius-led dedicated persons whose goal is a nation of mentally healthy people.

With our new positive government, the time is ripe and right for this new beginning!