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Self Sabotage getting out of your own way so you can Succeed

One of the biggest problems that people tend to have is that they seem to get in their own way. That is to say that people have great ideas, and have the support of those around them, but don’t see that because they don’t believe in what they are doing themselves. Self-pity, and a defeatist attitude seem to be something that a lot of people have, and not just from people who are depressed, or down on themselves on a regular basis.

Everyone gets down about themselves from time to time. Since we are not perfect beings, and because other people can be jerks sometimes, we get negative feedback about ourselves sometimes. Regardless of whether or not we deserve to hear the bad stuff that people say about us, it does happen. The key is to not be so worried about the negative, and to focus on the positive, because you are the only one who can truly control what you feel about yourself.

Just because someone says your no good, or has said that you are no good in the past doesn’t make it so. Have you ever told anyone they weren’t that good, or that your friend should end a relationship simply because it was better for you? If so, you know that it totally possible that someone is just saying something bad to get into your head. No one forces you to get down, or feel discouraged, and if you keep a good attitude things will happen for you.

If your not going to at least give yourself a chance to succeed, why would anyone else give you that same opportunity. Confidence breeds confidence, meaning that if you are confident in yourself that it will show. Confident people are happier, more content, and tend to get more opportunities because they are seen as good leaders. All you have to do to be confident is just believe that you are going to have a good day, and that you deserve the best.

Just because the road-map to success isn’t perfect, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough. Everyone will struggle, make mistakes, or otherwise not be perfect. The real key is to put that out of your mind, and remember that tomorrow is a new day, or that there is a next play, or a next season to worry about. A good batting average is .300, or only getting hits in 30 percent of your at bats. Micheal Jordan lost tons of games, and he won six NBA championships. The New England Patriots went 16-0 last season, and it was the only perfect season in NFL history, and they have won three championships in the last seven seasons.

Even the most successful will stumble, or be down for a period of time. Don’t fret just because you didn’t have a good day, or haven’t had success just yet. Be patient, and your time will come for sure. Life is full of ups and downs, and plenty of other people will be ready to criticize you for what you are not, so don’t spend any more time beating yourself up. Be yourself, be confident, and believe that you are good enough to succeed.