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Self Hypnosis Subconscious Suggestionhabits Yoga

A guide to self hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a method employed to produce change.

For example someone may desire to stop smoking or drinking; not only two very serious health risks but also two very difficult addictions to control. In this instance we seek to control the habit, therefore we seek to change the habit.

We could seek to change the habit through our own endeavours by way of self-hypnosis.

The setting should be one without distraction, or noise of any type, although a burning incense stick may add to the serenity; if you find that the fragrance distracts you then leave this until a latter date, until you are more in control

To begin with, sit upright in a comfortable chair with your arms resting in your lap; close your eyes and begin to relax for a few minutes.

You must remove all of your thoughts, worries and doubts, simply by not thinking about them; FORGET THEM. Imagine that you have erased your mind of all thoughts of existing, and you have nothing to think about.

Sit there quietly, not thinking about anything except an empty space; this could be the inside of a box, container, or it could be about a starless sky, any empty space.

When you are in control of your thought (no thoughts) tell yourself that you are going to relax. Tell your body to relax, going through every part; muscle, bone and sinew.

For e.g. ‘my head is relaxing, I can feel my head relaxing, my head is relaxed.’ ‘My eyes are relaxing, I can feel my eyes relaxing, my eyes are relaxed. Continue this process through your ears, your mouth, your nose, in fact every facial feature including your tongue.

Once you feel that you head is relaxed move slowly down the body beginning with the neck, the shoulders, the arms, the torso, your legs, and your feet right down to your toes.

Remember to include as many body parts as you can, including the muscles that control them.

Eventually you should feel totally relaxed, and your body may feel slumped or heavy.

Remaining in the same seated position, begin to tell yourself that your body is getting light; it is getting very light; it is light. Feel yourself getting lighter. Repeat the suggestion until ‘you feel light.’

Once you have accomplished this tell yourself that your body is getting heavier; it is getting very heavy; it is heavy.

Once this is achieved tell yourself that your body is relaxing; becoming very relaxed; it is relaxed.

Now tell yourself that you are waking fully refreshed and energetic; that you are awake and fully refreshed.

Do this for several days, or for as long as it takes for you to feel that you accomplished this process.

When you are confident that you can fall into a relaxed and deep state, continue practicing the process for another week.

Once you can master this process you will be ready to begin to relieve yourself of all of those nasty little habits that caused you to reach this state of subconscious mastery.

It may be a good idea to make a record of your progress daily; for e.g. noting how long it takes to reach the state of being completely relaxed or indeed observing any problems you encountered while trying to reach this state.

Self hypnosis is a form of self suggestion, one which, when in a completely relaxed state, you suggest to your subconscious the control over various unpleasant or unwanted habits.

When you reach the point of becoming heavy, prior to the command to awaken, you ‘suggest’ to your subconscious, that, for e.g. ‘I do not want to smoke;’ I do not smoke, and make the suggestion as many times and for as long as you feel is required.

I know it sounds easy, but it is not really; you may find it takes you several weeks before you can reach the point of being relaxed without thinking of outside influences such as family, love, children or money, etcetera.

My only advice is to continue with the technique until you attain the result.

I would also suggest that you concentrate on one thing (habit) at a time, and not move on until you achieve the desired result.

Apart from being employed to remove your habits, self hypnosis acts as a method for you to attain inner peace and tranquillity by suggesting, to yourself, that you are waking fully refreshed and energetic; that you are awake and fully refreshed.

The more you engage in this process the easier you will find it to attain the relaxed state for subconscious suggestion, and you will be able to apply it in all areas of your life.

You could say that self hypnosis is like Yoga, where you reach the state of serenity; here in this serenity you will command your own life by subconscious suggestion, and with practice you will accomplish all you set out to achieve.