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Save Money Lose Weight

5 simple steps to save money and lose weight

IF you are trying to follow a healthy eating plan, you will notice that buying fresh fruit and vegetables all the time is not only time consuming but it is also rather costly. A simple smoothie with five different fruits can cost almost the same as a three course meal for four people and if you are trying to save money and beat this recession, the healthy eating plan can very often go straight out the window!

Thankfully, there are five simple steps to ensure that you have a balanced and healthy diet as well as having a healthy bank balance and they are easier steps to take than you first may have thought!

You may think that you are saving money by taking advantage of buy one get one free bargains in the supermarket but if the things that you are buying are biscuits, cakes, crisps and stuff that you wouldn’t normally buy, you are simply wasting money. Skip these unhealthy options and the money that you saved by not buying them, can be better spent on healthier options.

Good food doesn’t have to mean brand named products which can be rather more costly than their store branded counterparts. Neither does it mean buying organic produce which is also considered to be more expensive. Simply swapping a full fat store branded product to a lower fat or light version can make all the difference meaning that you do not use waste money on a brand but you are still being healthy at the same time.

Portion sizes are very often a thing that makes us spend more on food as well as put on weight. Reduce the portion sizes you have and you will not need to use as much food and therefore save both money and calories! Use one chicken breast per person instead of one and a half breasts or even two and you will have an extra meal. If there is leftover food on the plate, you are using too much so cut down!

Plan your meals ahead. This doesn’t mean make a weekly meal plan and then stick to it religiously, it just means having seven cooked meals for the seven days in the coming week and only buy the ingredients that you need for those seven meals. A large portion of ground beef can do for two meals, maybe one shepherd’s pie and one lasagna and then all you need to buy is a bag of potatoes, pasta, some vegetables and you have two days’ worth of cooked meals sorted.

If you have leftovers, don’t throw them away. See if you can use them in another meal. Potatoes can be saved, mashed and then frozen or even fried and used as fries. There are plenty of ways that you can use leftovers and there are whole websites dedicated to exactly this cause so why not take a look, save money and also lose a few calories!