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Safe Drinking Water Tap Water Contaminants in Tap Water Dangers of Tap Water Chemicals

If you’ve been searching for information about tap water, you’ve just found it. I researched from various sources, including the US EPA, University for Cincinnati, and scientific studies from across the globe. The safety from tap water is important to everyone. And since it is useful in many activities in our everyday lives, it is considered essential.

We use it everyday, but can we still use it knowing all the microorganisms lurking in every glass of tap water from our faucet? No wonder environmentalists look for someone to blame for these pollutants found in our waterlines. But if you give it a thought, who are responsible for all these contaminants present in our water system? We are all responsible for the safety of our water facility, in one way or another.

Tap water contaminants

According to the US EPA, forms of small protozoa, called cysts can be present in any water supply facility at any given time. They are detectable, but ways to remove them from public waterlines are yet to be found. They can also be present in some bottled water since there is a certain filtration level needed to remove them, which cannot be done in a massive scale. You can do it at home, at the cost of slowing down the flow rate.

The cysts come from feces of infected hosts, either man or animals. Once taken in, they can produce food poisoning-like symptoms, gastrointestinal disorders or even serious conditions due to which a vulnerable person can even die. Everyone is at risk, even our pets. There was an incident in Milwaukee, a few years ago where 100 people died. But these cysts are not the only contaminant in tap water.

Dangers from tap water chemicals.

According to the University
of Cincinnati in their compilation of facts about tap water, Chlorine or byproducts of chlorination is present in every supply in the entire country. Chlorine, although not poisonous in small amounts, is a stomach irritant and can
cause acidity. Chlorine byproducts, on the other hand are said to be carcinogenic.

Recent studies across the globe state that prolonged exposure to these carcinogens increases the risk of developing cancer by two. You heard it right, it’s doubled. Have you heard that in every 3 persons, at least one will acquire a certain type of cancer? Have you ever heard that one in two men will have it? We know that exposure to these toxins is unavoidable but by having a home purifier installed, the risk in drinking water can lessen significantly at a low cost.

Disinfection byproducts in your shower

Another important threat present in tap water are the by product of the disinfectants called trihalomethanes, THMs (as what they are commonly termed).Trihalomethanes (THM) are a group of four chemicals that are formed along with other disinfection by products when chlorine or other disinfectants used to control microbial contaminants in drinking water react with naturally occurring organic and inorganic matter in water. Exposure to THM, is even more from a shower and as several studies shows it is more dangerous compared to drinking chlorinated water. So as you see an effective kitchen filter will not be enough; you will also need another for the nozzles in the bath. But you don’t just buy any filter, choose that are proven to take out those THMs.

I hope all this facts about tap water I have provided will be your eye-opener. However, don’t just run into the department store just yet, the filters sold there only lower chlorine levels. If you buy online, you will not only find the best water purifier products available, you will get them for less money as well!