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Rules for Weight Loss Success

So you want to lose weight? Well the first step is setting up a plan and making a commitment. Keep in mind that by using the diet strategy you are setting yourself up to fail. Diet has adapted the definition of a short term change in eating and unfortunately a short term change is equal to a short term fix, you’ll eventually gain all the weight back and all that work would be for nothing. You need to set yourself up for victory so make a lifestyle change instead of going on a diet, this will give you the opportunity to have the healthiest body you can have permanently.

Weight loss has a simple equation “calories in < calories out". So why do people have so many questions about it? It's because their looking for the quickest and easiest fix to their problems letting them ignore their addiction to junk food and instead fill their body with overly processed, low nutrient foods that in the end only damage their body more. Sure those weight loss bars are chocolate flavored and only 100 calories but what nutrients does it provide your body? How does the increase in preservatives and sodium effect your body? It makes you bloat and your immune system crash, that's what it does. So down to what counts, how can you set yourself up for success? You need a realistic goal my best recommendation is to look up a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator which can be a helpful tool to finding how far you have to go and where you need to stop. Don't make a goal that you can't reach because this will just get you down and make you not up for trying again when you fail. Saying something along the lines of "I'm going to lose 40 pounds in 2 months" is unrealistic, plus it's a long term goal which means there's a higher risk for failing. Now on the other hand saying "I'm going to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks" is more realistic (depending on how high your weight is) which will help you make more goals once you've reached that one because you know you can do it. Instead of lowering your calories to dangerously low levels, lower you calories little by little so your body is forced to keep losing without going into an unhealthy zone. This will also make it easier to maintain when you have your calories increase slowly. Having high/low days (meaning you'll have high calorie days and low calorie days having the seven day average be healthy) will also help your body since it will give you a chance to have cheat days but it will also be a ploy to help your bodies metabolism increase. Changing one thing at a time can help you psychologically get used to the idea of eating healthier and can help you make eating healthier a habit instead of a grueling task. Make exercise something you enjoy and not a chore. It may seem like a weird concept now but I promise you when you find something you really enjoy you'll look forward to exercise instead of trying to make excuses. I highly recommend the Turbo Jam workout just to get started because it's fun and light hearted making it easy to get through but I find it even easier to exercise when you have something not-so weight loss oriented. This is also true when you are eating healthier, it can be anything but having something else to motivate you besides weight can make it more crucial for you to do this. I'm a huge believer in eating "close to the earth" meaning food that have been through as little processing as possible. This is the best way to eat. Why eat a slice of apple pie when you can just have an apple? Its healthier for you, it's sweet, and it's probably more filling because of the fiber. One of the best tips I can give you is not depriving yourself but instead having things in moderation. A lot of people find that instead of buying a whole pack of cookies just buy one, it may be more expensive but it can save you that temptation of having it in your house. One of the little phrases that have helped me resist is "It'll be there tomorrow" meaning I don't have to ruin this day when I could always eat the same thing another day when I've reached my goal. Too many people feel the need to have a treat as if it is a limited time product but we need to realize that whatever we are craving will be there tomorrow, the next day, the next week, the next year, it's not going anywhere so there shouldn't be any urgency. Good luck with all your goals and a new lifestyle. I know you can lose the weight and keep it off!