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RevAbs product description

RevAbs is a unique fitness system designed to bring out the abs you’ve always dreamed of having. Created by Brett Hoebel, it includes moves from his favorite form of martial arts, Brazilian copoeira, to give you astounding results. Abcentrics, Brett’s training technique, builds your abs from 6 different angles for complete satisfaction.

RevAbs comes ready to use, with no need to leave the house. With it, you receive:

9 workouts on 7 DVDs

* Abcentrics and How to copoeira – 15 minutes

* Fire Up Your Abs – 40 minutes

* Power Intervals – 30 minutes

* Total Strength – 45 minutes, and Mercy Abs – 15 minutes

* Fat-burning Abs – 40 minutes

* Power Intervals 2 – 30 minutes

* Strength & Endurance – 30 minutes, and Merciless Abs – 15 minutes


A guide to getting the most out of RevAbs, laying out the whole program for your immaculate 90 day transformation. Brett adds his tips and tricks to help you come out victorious in the fight against flab.

Nutrition Guide

This 65 page nutrition and meal planning guide is designed for both men and women. You will find it filled with tantalizing and customizable meals that are also easy to prepare. In addition, it includes Brett’s 14 day Jump-start plan. This plan is so effective that it’s guaranteed to help you drop 10 pounds and a size in 2 weeks!

As if this wasn’t enough, there’s still more, with free bonus gifts!

* Rev It Up Cardio is a 45 minute fat-burning workout that trims fat in no time.

* Anytime, Anywhere Abs is a 5 minute workout that goes where you go.

* RevAbs wall calendar gives you a visual aid to guide you in which workouts to do when, for optimal results. It can also help track your progress.

* Professional Fat Caliper – This gives you a meter to go by, so you can see your results as the flab disappears and the muscle moves in.

Even with all this, you still get free online support! This gives you access to the RevAbs Website. Here, you can chat with Brett, and a community of others who are transforming to a whole new level of fitness.

RevAbs gives you a successful path to revealing those six-pack abs and feeling great about your body, without going to the gym.