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Restorative Yoga Wind Release on Wall Pose

The Restorative yoga’s Wind releasing pose on the wall is a modified version of the normal wind releasing pose. The wind releasing pose is also known as the Pavan Mukta asana and helps in improving your digestion. This is so as you compress your abdominal organs when you do this pose. This helps the abdominal organs to secrete better with the liver secreting more bile and your pancreas secreting more insulin. These digestive juices help to improve your overall metabolism and also to regulate your blood sugar.

When you do this pose by using a wall as a prop you start off by lying supine in front of wall. You raise your legs along the wall and place your heels on it. Your arms are by your sides. From this position you get into the wind releasing pose by bending your right leg from the knee and bringing the knee as close as you can to your chest. Place your foot flat on the wall. Your right foot would be at the level of your left knee. If you find it uncomfortable to place your leg this way you may place your right leg a bit higher.

Now you may use the wall as a lever when you breathe consciously. Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, lift your right leg up a bit and press against the wall with the ball of your foot. As you do this you would be able to draw your knee closer to your chest. Thus your abdominal organs are pressed as your press your thigh against your abdomen and chest.
As you do this you may press your left leg especially the left heel into the wall. This gives you more strength to also press your right leg against your abdomen and chest. The effect of this is quite like that of the normal pavan mukta asana. Stay in this position for between three to five minutes and then exit this step.

You can then repeat this step by placing your right leg on the wall and bending your left leg from the knee and pressing the left thigh on the left side of your chest and abdomen as you did earlier with your right leg.

The overall effect of this sequence is like the Pavan Mukta asana (wind relieving pose) where you press both legs against your chest and abdomen. It helps in stimulating your abdominal organs to secrete more efficiently.


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