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Resist Fast Food Tempation Understanding Heath Effort Planning Rewards

Fast food temptation-admittedly it is very hard to resist. However, it can be done-with some effort, planning, and some occasional rewards. Understanding is also in order, and knowledge of your health so that you can live a long, full life.

Resisting fast food is done with some effort on your part-and your family’s, too. Consider the fact that the average fast food meal will cost around five dollars for lunch or dinner. Eating one fast food meal every day, seven days a week-the math is pretty simple. Your pocketbook is out one hundred fifty dollars a month! Making an effort to realize just where your money is going will help you to resist fast food.

Planning for your daily meals will also aid your ability to resist fast food. Menu planning does not take that long, and buying groceries will net you a lot more items for one hundred fifty dollars-especially with coupons. Additionally, grocery items are quite often, able to be used in multiple dishes, making them more valuable. This is yet another point for resisting fast food.

Understanding the human psyche, and its needs, cravings even, for instant gratification-a category that fast food fits into-is also important. Do you understand yourself well enough that you can tell yourself no on a daily basis, and work out some time to actually make dinner? There’s also the pleasure of cooking. For those of you who don’t know how to cook, it really isn’t hard-cooking classes are great places to make friends. Join a cooking club and learn about your food that way-you’ll resist your need for fast food this way!

Health is probably the most important thing to know about in regards to ourselves and fast food. Most fast foods contain lots of fat and calories because of the cheeses, mayonnaise, sauces, hamburger meat and other assorted items on their menus. All of the fat and calories that we consume from fast food will cause negative consequences for our health-such as heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure and more. Of course, the high amounts of salt, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and other additives to keep the food fresh and pretty do not help your health either. That is another reason to resist fast food, don’t you think?

Rewards are both necessary and important to your success in resisting the fast food temptation. For an example: Instead of going out every day of the week, just go out once every other week-or every week if you want. This way, you don’t feel totally deprived, and your pocketbook still doesn’t have as much damage done to it. Eating out once in a while is a good thing, but if you’re hitting a fast food joint this time, instead of a greasy meal, why not choose a healthy meal, such as a salad and yogurt -or something similar-instead? You’ve still satisfied your need for fast food, eaten a better meal, and your finances aren’t in bad shape.

One last thing to consider when resisting the temptation to eat out: Imagine the weight that you can lose from not eating all that greasy food. Making your own food is healthier by far than what is found in a fast food restaurant. Better health leads to a longer, fuller life, and more time with your family. What a great thing.

There are many reasons to resist the fast food temptation, and doing so may not always be easy. However, it is possible, and you will be happier for it!