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Remembering Dreams

When you sleep, your brain goes into a long process of resting. Through these processes, it gets rids of memories that it considers unwanted. Scientists are not sure if the disposal is at random, but it does explain part of the reason we forget some parts of our memories. During the sleeping process’s longest stage, you dream about something that is shaped by the memories the brain chose to dispose, physical environment you chose to sleep in, and many other varieties that may effect you.

Remembering a dream is not always to the best advantage and could sometimes create negative thoughts that do not benefit you in your life, but your brain can not always choose the correct memory to dispose of. If you truly want to take the risk of remembering your dreams, you have to make sure not to continuously repeat the process every day. Using the process every day may cause unexplained stress, change in mood, and a few other unusual behavioral actions.

To remember a dream, you have to wake yourself up in the middle of the longest state of the resting process. The correct time that you wake yourself up varies on the average amount of time your body usually sleeps every day, excluding interruptions of your sleep, such as waking up in the middle of the night because of abrupt noises. Once you caculate the average amount of hours you sleep, set your alarm clock, or have some one wake you up after around 3/4 of that amount. It will not always occur, but you will remember parts of your dream the instance you wake up. To prepare yourself for that moment, get a piece of paper and pencil to record main objects, places, or events that seems to connect with your dream. You often forget what your remember from the process quickly, so write them down as quickly as possible. Then think hard, and take the connections to piece the dream back in your head as clearly as possible.

There are a few precautions that prevent symptoms that are very small, but could become a problem if repeatedly abused. Because methods like these require less sleeping time, it is recommended, that you do not use the method too often. It would train your body to be physically and mentally stronger, but three tries a week is considered enough. Sometimes, disregarding parts of what you remember from dreams helps reduce small effects of mental ability from the method. It leaves more space in your brain to work with. Remember that it could bring back a memory that you would not wish to see and leave a negative mark on your feelings.

I would recommend this to those that hold many memories that are either special or needed. (businessmen, statistics organizer, mathematicians). However, I disregard this to those that have hard schedules and sleep little. (clerk, student, barman) Or just try this if you’re curious!