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Reiki self Healingself Treatment for Reiki Studentshow to do Reiki self Healing

You should give yourself Reiki at least once a day for the first month of your studies and regularly from then on if you are a Reiki student. This will help improve your health and balance your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional energies.

While giving yourself Reiki you will be more receptive to universal energy and you should experience increased inner guidance. Contemplate for instance on what is going on in your life and you will find a healthy new attitude developing. You will start feeling more positive and creative.

To keep track of this, jot down your thoughts and feelings in a notebook. You might want to put some of these into action later. Remember: the more Reiki you do, the more the Reiki energy will flow through you.

Self-Healing and Reiki Self-treatment will take around 15 to 30 minutes. As you develop your personal Reiki self-healing program, you might try various techniques to find the one that feels best for you. There are many ways to use Reiki. You might give yourself a complete treatment using all the hand positions or you could use Byosen scanning method and treat only those areas you are guided to.

Preparing for Self-Treatment in Reiki~

To prepare to give yourself self-healing, you should always make sure you are comfortable. There should be as few distractions around you as possible. Some people like to give themselves healing while they are soaking in the bath or just before going to bed. If you give yourself a treatment before going to sleep, sometimes you might succumb to slumber before getting through all the positions. Don’t worry if that happens for at least you will sleep well!

Before doing Reiki it might help to set an intention. Many practitioners put their hands together in the prayer or ‘Ghasso’ position as they ask for Reiki to flow for the good of themselves or others.

How to Give Yourself Self Healing in Reiki ~

After you set your intention, place your hands on your crown chakra and imagine yourself connecting with the universal energy.
* Feel the energy travelling through the palms of your hands and entering your crown chakra.
* Feel the energy flow through your body. Focus on your palms and imagine the energy entering them from above and pouring out of them into your body. Remain in this position for 3-5 minutes.

Continue your self-treatment by holding your hands for 3-5 minutes in the following positions: Over your eyes at your Third Eye chakra. Over your ears. Now your throat chakra, your heart Chakra, your Solar Plexus, your Sacral Chakra and your Root Chakra.

Regular Self Treatment helps balance your emotional, spiritual and physical energies.