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Reducing Edema

What is a natural diuretic?

The description “natural diuretic” comes attached with a duality. The word “natural” is described as pertaining to nature, produced by nature and not artificial. The word ‘”diuretic’ is a term used by the medical community, and therefore it is not used by the natural health practitioners or herbal community. So you see, there is a contradiction in the term “natural diuretic”.

I will attempt to answer this question in terms that are described by a natural health practioner, and not a Medical Doctor. With this understanding, the following information is referring to a natural whole plant straight from Mother Nature, that can be helpful in increasing the flow of urine. As you will see, increasing the flow of urine naturally has many health benefits and may reduce many health challenges.

How do natural herbs work?
In nature we find there are a few choices of plants that can increase the flow of urine naturally. The reason herbs can be effective is because they have a whole spectrum of vitamins, and minerals working synergistically together. When you use a natural source from a plant, other health challenges may also be improved, because the plant and its benefits, work with the whole body synergistically.

Let’s take dandelion root as an example. Let’s say you take dandelion to help you reduce swelling in your legs or ankles.

You may experience other positive health benefits :

– your stomach feels better.

– your joints aren’t as stiff

– your eyes get brighter..

Dandelion is an herb that has been used historically and is still used to-day, increasing the flow of urine, while supporting other organs such as the liver, stomach and the kidney’s.

Dandelion root has a good supply of the minerals sodium and potassium, electrolytes which are required in an increased flow of urine, and this can be accomplished without increasing stress to the kidneys.

Be aware, this is not the same sodium as regular processed white salt. When you have the natural mineral sodium, combined with all of the other minerals and electrolytes working together in a plant form, it works in harmony with your body.

There are other herbs which have similar properties to dandelion, and some herbal combinations are designed specifically for this purpose.

It’s a wonderful gift to receive more than one benefit from Mother Nature’s bounty of herbs and plants. Remember, when you are taking an herb to assist you in one health challenge, be aware of the many other benefits that are occurring simultaneously.

I would like to remind you, if you are on medication, it is always advised you consult with your Medical Doctor before changing or adding something new to your daily routine.

This information has been written for educational and informational purposes, and does not intend to replace your regular visits with your Medical Doctor or Naturopathic Doctor.