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Recovery Treatment Addict Drunkalcoholic Steps God Blamehelp Possiblebelifefrienda a

Being a recovering drug addict and alcoholic who suffered for around fifteen years wanting to stop but never being able too. Who is recovering daily from alcohol and drug abuse; the subject is one and which I now labor hard in. There are many who claim to have a cure all for drugs and alcohol. But if you ask any suffer whose recovering most will credit the twelve steps of recovery. I have attended at least one meeting a day for the last four years and I live and the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States. And most of the large treatment centers bring there patience to at least one meeting doing their stay.

Most that deal with drug and alcohol abuse believe it to be a disease of addiction as the late Dr.William Silworth related to Bill Wilson around 1935 the beginning of A. A. But Bill Wilson himself credits the fellowship beginning back to when One Roland H.vist to Dr.Carl Jung, who told Roland H. I have seen few who suffer the way you do recover but those who have recovered speak of some form of moral physiology.DrJung went on to explain to Roland this form of treatment is old as man himself happens every know and then, my advice to you is to lock yourself up.

So we can see the treamentof addiction is no small matter many have died never recovering to those of us who have recovered we value this precious gift, the gift of sobriety is easily achieved when the steps of recovery are embraced with a strong desire by the suffer. It has been proven over and over again for about seventy-five years that the best treatment for a drunk is another drunk arm with the facts above him and a love for the steps and great concern for any suffer who accepts his extended hand.

OK what does the twelve steps exactly do for the suffer it give the suffer and avenue to a higher power or as some of us say God, that’s piratical while at the same time it ask the alcoholic to do something know real alcoholic likes to do take a honest look at himself, and stop blaming others for his condition. No one has experience the blame game the way a counselor of a treatment center has all will say that the alcoholic has enghout blame to go around for why he drinks. From it being the wife, childern, in-laws parents, if they would only move the store.

To understand this you have to better understand the disease of addiction it a three fold disease that affects the mind the body and the soul of the a disease that affects man in three core areas of his make up and all three have to be treated if recovery is going to be possible. The steps examine all three areas the first three are to help the addict or alcoholic see the need for God. (Higher power if God seems too radical).the four steps are where the alcoholic or addict stops playing the mind game he inventories his life on paper morally and find out that he play apart getting to the point he act yes in the beginning his life was affect by others but by the time he arrives at this point there no one to blame but himself. When the fourth and fifth steps are handled correctly the alcoholic will sometime have a great sense that his problems can be solve; one day at a time with regular meeting attendance and the help of a higher power. Steps six and seven allow the Alcoholic to grow mentality and spiritually knowing that he has all the help he needs to change. Steps eight and nine help the alcoholic with discipline and for grievance alcoholic are shame base people who are guilt ridden by there past, these too steps deal with that part of there recovery allowing them to forgive the people they blame for there on troubles. Step ten keeps the Alcoholic focus on his life looking for tell tale signs that the old man is trying to return he forgives anyone he beginning to blame and ask good to help remove new shortcomings. Step eleven teaches the alcoholic or drug addict how to maintain his new found sobriety with prayer and meditation knowing that he has been given a precious gift the alcoholic as few people do make the tome to pray and meditate almost everyday. At this point day to day recovery is possible but the alcoholic has one more step to secure permanent sobriety, that’s reaching back and helping another alcoholic that our twelfth step.

When this is done a many a Doctors even wives and friends will say hardly seem to be the same man the change is so radical that the affect of the treatment is seen by others before the alcoholic himself knows that a profound change has taken place. We do not claim the steps the only way to recover but if you are as hopeless as we once where you will understand our belief and our system of one drunk working with another.

Source The Big Book Of A. A. and my own experience.