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Reasons why You’re not Sleeping at Night

There are many reasons why you are not sleeping at night. It is a common occurrence. It is estimated that ten adults out of a hundred struggle with insomnia. It is a disorder, and those who have a sleeping disorder who do not take it as it is should visit the doctor immediately. Recently Michael Jackson died in a roundabout way due to insomnia.

The reasons behind this are:

One reason why is because are drinking too much caffeine; too much caffeine can make it tough for you to fall asleep. This includes coffee, black and green tea, coca-cola and chocolate as well.

You are staying up late and sleeping in the weekends. It’s important for your internal clock to stay on track every day by waking up and going to bed at the same time every day – even on the weekends.

You are busy on the computer or studying; sometimes studying might harm your sleep, or cuddling on the couch to watch your favorite show with your loved one or checking your email before bed may seem harmless enough, but studies show it can affect the quality of your sleep. Instead of plugging in, unwind with a relaxing bath, a warm cup of milk, a hot bath, or some stretches.

You are drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol can actually disrupt your sleep. A glass of wine in the evening can relax you, and even help make dozing off to dreamland easier, but too much of alcohol can easily disrupt your sleep. For both health and sleep reasons stick to one glass of alcohol.

You are stressed. When somebody bothers you, thinking about it can keep you tossing and turning all night. To prevent stress from intervening with your beauty sleep, do something to un-wind yourself. Talk to someone you can trust, write in a journal, make a to do list, or listen to relaxing music while in bed to help calm your mind.

Your bed room is too bright or noisy. A calm and cozy bedroom environment is essential in staging a good night sleep. Cover the windows, adjust the temperature so that it is not too hot or cold, sleep in comfortable sheets and blankets, and try to eliminate any noise. A quiet, dark room is best for snoozing.

You are not getting enough exercise. Using up your energy levels by working out will help you feel drowsy. When it is time for bed it can also help you stay asleep. So be sure to exercise every day, even if it is only to take your dog for a walk around the block