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Reasons why you may not even Realise you have a Weight Problem

It is virtually impossible to avoid the issue of weight, since there is always one news story or another about how models and celebrities are too skinny and yet ordinary people are getting fatter. Obesity rates have increased steadily over the past few years, reflecting people’s increasingly sedentary lifestyles and reliance on cheap convenience food, so that in America, for instance, more people are overweight or obese than a healthy weight. If weight is such a prominent issue in the media how can people fail to recognise they have a weight problem?

It is not that surprising, really, as the more people in society who are overweight the more normal it becomes. Obesity obviously has a hereditary element, so that obese parents are more likely to raise obese children who as adults go on to raise children who are also obese, thus continuing the trend. This is not only due to genetics, though, as parents are also passing on their bad habits to their children, and if you are brought up eating certain foods and avoiding others, as well as not doing exercise, then this becomes your normal life. It can be hard to alter your behaviour even if you know your diet is bad and that you need to exercise more, as you are simply used to living a certain way.

It can therefore help to have someone else point out the unhealthy habits you have acquired over the years, as they will be able to look at your lifestyle more objectively than you are able to. However, you cannot really rely on your friends, since they may be overweight themselves and even if they are slim they may have other bad habits. The internet is therefore a good place to start educating yourself or else you might want to consider visiting a dietician to help formulate a suitable diet for you.

Often it is when you are ill and decide to see your doctor that you are first alerted to the fact you have a weight problem anyway. Perhaps your health issue is caused by your weight, which your doctor recognises and so gets you to step on the scales, or it is unrelated to your weight, but your doctor notices there is a problem and thinks it might be a good idea to step in and say something.

When you think you’re a bit ‘chubby’, even if you believe it to be within a reasonable range of normal, you tend to want to avoid the scales, but doing so means that you don’t necessarily keep your weight in check, meaning it can spiral out of control without you realising. It isn’t hard to access your Body Mass Index (BMI) online, and establish whether you are a healthy weight for you height or not. Although there are flaws associated with using the BMI to determine whether you are a healthy weight, for most people it is the best indicator of whether they have a weight problem. With obesity on the rise it makes sense for individuals to access any tools available that may help them keep track of their weight.