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Reasons why Writing down what you Eat can Enhance your Dieting Efforts

Do you ever wonder and want to realize why your diet might not be working for you?
Do you want to know what you are eating every day? The answer my friend is to get yourself a good food journal. The easiest journal that I made for myself was a three ring binder notebook and that I kept a schedule every day Monday through Sunday and entered in my entire food intake. I kept my pen inside the side pocket and began to write in my food journal log daily.
I also kept my journal next to the counter so that when I was done eating I was able to reach for my food journal and enter in my entire food intake daily. This became a good habit forming ritual I came to enjoy writing what I ate it was that easy and simple to do.

This food journal began a couple of months ago for me, as I wrote everything down daily and I began to see what I was eating. It was not a pretty site for me to realize I was not eating healthy. I have come to realize that I needed to change quickly and begin a good diet plan.

I also noticed that I drank too much soda in my food journal. I consumed about three glasses a day. I was not drinking enough water either. I also saw on many diet plans the first thing they tell you is to drink plenty of water because it will fill your body up. I then gave up soda and saw that I dropped a couple of pounds as I looked back on my food journal this gave me great satisfaction that soda wasn’t good for me and that I had not written it down in my food journal entry for months.

Doing this journaling helps me to carry on striving to improve myself and it is very simple and easy to do. It is a good habit to do. It is also helpful because as I have mention before it is letting me see what I am eating and what I am choosing to eat. I can eat either healthy to keep me on the right track for a longer life or unhealthy. It is our choice to decide what we first put inside our mouths and because what we eat and drink really does matter. Doing this food journal really made a difference in my life and has helped me in many areas of my eating habits as well. To help me realize to change for a good diet plan too.

I have found as time progressed that this very helpful for me in writing everything down in my food journal. Food journaling is enjoyable and easy to do once you get into this habit you will see how much you might need to change your diet to a healthy plan. You will succeed your diet plan if you stick with your food journaling process once you decide to begin this new diet. Good luck to all you food dieters out there but remember to journal all you eat. Start today by journaling all your food so that you may succeed in your diet plan.