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Reasons to Stop being Negative about being Overweight

There are many reasons to stop being negative about being overweight. For one thing, worrying excessively about anything, including your weight, can bring about stress. Too much stress can lead to an eventual stroke, or heart attack. There are so many negative reasons about being overweight, and it is all to do with health – and the way that other, more ’slimmer’ people view you. As far as health is concerned, then someone who is overweight may stress upon getting a stroke, pitted oedema, high blood pressure, diabetes, loss of limbs, heart attacks and eventual death.

They may also stress upon the way other people view them, and the negative ‘vibes’ they may pick up from people as they are walking in public. This can bring on feelings of low self-esteem, discouragement, and self-consciousness. Many people who are overweight either stand for hours in front of the mirror, studying and scrutinizing themselves to the very last detail. Or, they tend to avoid mirrors altogether, not wanting to catch even a glimpse of themselves – which would make them feel worse.

This ‘self-loathing’, and self-hatred, can be very destructive, and can often lead to clinical depression. However, the key to happiness – and to accepting yourself for who you are – is to first love yourself. Without loving yourself, then how can anyone else love you, or respect you?

The key words are ‘respecting’ yourself and ‘loving’ yourself. Accepting yourself for who you are – despite the weight – is the first step to beating negativity. It stands to reason that those who see themselves in the same ‘light’ as others see them, help to perpetuate and feed the prejudice against them.

It then becomes a vicious circle – in which it seems there can be no escaping from. Positive thoughts, bring on a new-found energy. In fact positive thoughts, can produce the effect of energising your thought patterns for the better, and changing your circumstances for the better, through sheer force of will. This then will attract people of a ‘like miind’ to you that will, in turn, be boosted by your positive outlook on life – despite your so-called ‘handicap’ of your weight.

To feel ashamed about your weight is putting yourself on the rocky road to ruin – both physically and mentally. Yes, you may want to diet, to slim, and yes in the long run it will be healthier – and will most definitely prolong your life. However, in the meantime, shame about one’s weight can only create a vicious circle in which once in, it is so hard to get out off.

The negative thoughts about being overweight, must stop. Positive thoughts must take over, and you must highlight your positive side at every opportunity. By concentrating on what you can do, instead of what you cannot do, is one of the first steps on the road to accepting yourself for who you are.

Of course, the very first step is being able to love and accept yourself, Once this is achieved, then the world really is your oyster. However, it is this ’first step’ that is so hard to reach for so many people who feel ashamed of their weight. Indeed, when you think positive, then the rest will follow.

Every single day does not become a day to fear. Every single day does not then become a chore. And one day does not run into the next when you have to face the prejudice of the outside world. But, prejudice is something that you, yourself help to perpetuate – as explained earlier – as you confirm those pre-judgemental thoughts that others may think about you.

One must literally hypnotize themselves into a new way of thinking, Disband with the ‘old’, negative ‘you’ and begin your journey right now. Begin to love yourself, accepting yourself for who you are, and the rest will follow. Doors that were once closed to you will suddenly open, people will begin to look at you in a different, more positive light.

This new-found confidence will be the spur that you need, that will help you to push on in your weight loss – if you want to lose weight. And it really is a miracle just what a little self-confidence, love, and faith in yourself – and your ability – can do. You will gain a whole new self-confidence that will make you glow with inspiration and passion for life. And you will become a beacon, in which people will WANT to be seen with you, whether you are overweight or not.

Of course there will still be those who will look at you and think in the negative, but that is their loss. You would have left those dark and grim days far behind, as a ‘new you’ is reborn. Positive thoughts, a positive attitude, and learning to love and respect yourself again, are the keys to accepting yourself, for who you are – and not what people think you should be because of their own prejudice.