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Reasons People are Scared of the Dentist

Going to the dentist is something most people dread. They cancel their appointments at the last minute to avoid going. When they finally make up their mind to keep their appointment, they may toss and turn the night before.

This sense of dread is highly common. Given that we live in modern times during which many dental procedures are not painful, why are people so afraid of the dentist?

* Pain

Regardless of whether your dentist gave you laughing gas as a kid, people still have the perception that dentists incur pain. Perhaps it is the visual image of having a tooth pulled or drilled on that causes this fear to grow to epic proportions.

While certain dental procedures are not comfortable, such as getting a root canal or crown, they are usually not painful. Modern technology and anesthesiology has greatly reduced the pain one feels while at the dentist.

However, there can be pain when you get home, as you recover from a procedure such as having your wisdom teeth removed. So while there may be some pain with a procedure, you are likely to feel it from the comfort of your own home. And it will be manageable.

* Scary instruments

Just looking at the tray in a dentist’s office can be scary. There are sharp and long objects, and many things look like they could be tools of torture.

While a reputable dental office will be up-to-date on ways to reduce pain, as discussed above, the visual of dental tools is far from a comforting one.

* Bad news

When going for a checkup, there is the possibility of receiving bad news. Perhaps cavities or found. Even worse, your dentist may discover that you have gum disease or other tough conditions.

Bad news at the dentist is not fun to hear. It can lead to all kinds of procedures, many of which are not comfortable. And dental work can be very expensive, even if you have insurance.

* The drilling noise

Hearing a drilling noise can be similar to listening to someone slowly scratch their fingernails against a chalkboard. It’s unnerving.

And it’s even worse when you know the drilling is going on in your head. People get very anxious about this noise, and that can cause them great fear.

* Sensitive teeth

For those with sensitive teeth, even having air blown against them can cause unease. Going to the dentist can be downright scary for such people, as they do not know how bad things will get.

One of the worst things about dental work is that it is nerve-racking. And when people feel nervous, they often think all kinds of terrible and anxiety-inducing thoughts.

Going to the dentist may not be your favorite thing. Just try to remember the following though: while you may fear going to the dentist, your experience will be somewhat better if you go regularly and stay on top of your dental health.