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Reasons for Joining Weight Watchers

When asked for a good reason to justify joining Weight Watchers, the obvious answer for many people is “I need to lose some weight.” Clearly weight loss is the prime motivating factor behind anyone choosing from among many options for losing weight. But why choose Weight Watchers? Why not choose any one of a dozen other popular programs available right now? Why bother to choose a weight loss program at all? Can’t you just do it on your own?

While the path to weight loss success is definitely paved with a thousand options, some good, others more harmful than beneficial, Weight Watchers boasts a long list of benefits to support its position in the weight loss industry.

1) Proven track record. Ever since Florine Mark took Weight Watchers to the forefront of weight loss programs in the 1960’s, untold numbers of men and women have successfully lost the unnecessary burden of excess weight they carried. Through carefully following the maintenance program, many of them were able to keep it off long after their struggle to lose weight was completed.

2) Weight Watchers is a lifestyle change. Weight Watchers makes it known they are not a “diet” program. Rather, they are out to change your life, to change the way you look at food and to help you develop a healthy relationship with the foods you eat. A diet is a short-term fix. A lifestyle change is forever.

3) You get to eat regular food selections. With Weight Watchers you don’t have to purchase expensive, pre-packaged foods designed to reduce your calorie intake to some unrealistic level you will never be able to maintain after you finish the program. Right from the start you are eating foods you recognize, enjoy and plan to continue eating for the rest of your life.

4) Food tracking is made simple. Through the efficient use of the Weight Watchers Point Tracker you can easily learn how to eat and how much to eat in order to achieve the desired results. It doesn’t take long before you can simply look at a food selection and determine if it has a point value that fits in with your eating plan for the day.

5) There are options to suit your needs. Do you desire the support of weekly meetings where you can share your struggles with like-minded individuals who know what you’re going through? Do you prefer to go it alone in the privacy of your own home by being a member of Weight Watchers Online program? The choice is yours. You achieve the same benefits both ways.

6) Lifetime Membership after achieving goal weight makes you a card carrying member of the program for life. If you slip in your struggles to maintain your weight, Weight Watchers is there for you, ready to welcome you back into the fold to regain your footing.

Of all the good reasons to join Weight Watchers, there is one that stands out above and beyond all others – that is, simply – it makes sense. Food is not your enemy; it is the life blood of your existence. Any program that develops an adversarial relationship between you and the food you eat is doomed to failure. Weight Watchers will show you how to make your relationship with food work for you, not against you.