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Reasons Douching is Bad

Douching involves a woman inserting water and another liquid into her vagina intending to clean it out. There are a few different reasons why a woman may douche. Many women believe that douching is a good way to keep up with feminine hygiene.

Douching can be a monthly routine for some women to clean out their vagina; however, the vagina cleans itself out so douching is not needed.

It is believed by some women that douching can prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. That is completely false, but constantly douching can result in an infection because the natural, protective bacteria are washed away. Infection can even travel to the fallopian tubes if the douching persists.

The vagina secretes mucus that lines the walls and should never be washed out. To clean the genital area, a woman should use only powder, spray, and soap.

It has been confirmed that women who douche regularly have a higher rate of STDs and bacterial infections.

There a vast amount of symptoms one should look for if believed to have infection. Vaginal pain, itching, painful urination, odor and burning can be a big red flag. If discharge changes color and consistency, then talk to your doctor immediately.

Douching before a doctor’s appointment is a big no-no. It could wash away valuable information such as infection, to determine what may be going on. Keep in mind if there is a suspected infection and a woman has use a douche, she can enable the infection to creep up into the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Douching to get rid of a smell will not solve the problem. Having an odor coming from the vagina can be signs of infection and you need to talk to your doctor about your concerns.

The only time a woman should douche is her doctor has prescribed a treatment. A doctor would prescribe treatments if you have chronic yeast or bacterial infections. Over the counter douching is no longer recommended by health care professionals and doctors suggest letting the vagina clean itself out.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, douching is unhealthy. There has been a study that if a woman douches, she could become 30 percent less likely to become pregnant for up to a month.

Women who douche regularly have a higher risk of pelvic inflammatory disease and can lead to infertility and death. If a pregnant woman has PID, she could have complications that could cause the baby to contract the infection and preterm labor.