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Quit Smoking and Live Longer

Reasons to quit smoking are many, but the first one is it is bad for your health. The second reason not to smoke is the expense. After that comes personal appearance, yellow teeth, and then the truth of it often making its victim downright rude. Why not then make not smoking the number one New Year’s resolution? You will never regret it. What are some of the best ways of not smoking?

Quitting the habit cold turkey is what most nicotine addicts do, but there are far easier methods of kicking this habit. Lengthening the time between smoking is the best method, while at the same time telling yourself you are only slowing down, not actually quitting. This is a face saving should you falter in your efforts. It allows you to quickly get over your temporary weakness and continue on with your resolution. Instead of you believing that a few weak moments makes you unable to carry out your resolution, you will understand it is better to smoke one or two cigarettes a day than two packs. Common sense rules when one is kicking the habit.

Psyche yourself up with all the reasons you hate about smoking and don’t forget to start totaling up your savings. Add to that the new found you. See yourself as a victim to smoking and make it your enemy to conquer. Observe all the positive ways not smoking will add enjoyment to your life. Count the ways: Saving money by not buying cigarettes; not having an anxiety attack if you suddenly find you only have one cigarette left and it is a long time until you can go shopping; not having to stand alone in the cold back porch of your home to smoke; having a car that smells good and is one that is safe for the kids to ride in. There are other ways.

To help along with the New Year’s resolutions to stop smoking, there are precautions. First of all, whose business is it but yours if you stop smoking? Don’t put extra pressure on yourself by announcing your intentions to others. You will feel really bad when you have to start sneaking around just to light up. Make your resolution a personal choice and deal with it yourself. Don’t make a big deal out of your intention. Then if you in a few weak moments light up, no one is the wiser. You can get back on track and keep spacing the no smoking until you are safely out of the danger zone.

After you have successfully accomplished this difficult feat, be proud of yourself. Put your self up as a non-smoking adviser and then you can write about how to quit smoking, how much better you feel as a non-smoker, and how enjoyable life is as a nonsmoker. Don’t forget to mention in your cautionary statements about smoking to others, the amount of money you have saved.

New Years is the traditional time to make life changes, or resolutions not to do this, or not to do that, but to effectively quit smoking, you need to make it a personal choice and not join crowds. Why? Because possibly the effort was not wholly your own and it probably won’t last. You must desire to quit smoking first, and then make your resolution. Going along with crowd may not be the best way.