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Psychologically Healthy and Fit

It means a healthy mind. A mind that is free from sadness, and depression. When our minds are depressed, we tend to get sick faster. A healthier mind has few illnesses.

Learning to accept ourselves, and others, helps us to become psychologically fit. Our mind, body and spirit need to be in correct alignment, to benefit completely. If our mind is confused, then our body, and spirit suffers too. If our body is ill, then our mind, and spirit are ill . When our spirit is lonely, or sad, our mind, and body suffer right along beside us. When we’re able to have a strong mind, a healthy body, and a loving spirit, then we’ll be psychologically fit.

People who are living in a phyciatric facilities, are not phychologically fit. They’re minds are confused, and their bodies are unfit. The worst thing of all, is their spirits are dying. People with mental disorders, have a harder time staying fit. They have a tendency to feel hopeless, easier than someone who doesn’t have this disorder.

When someone thinks rationally, and honestly, others consider this person, to be of sound mind, and body. When an older person has made out a will. It confirms, that this certain individual, has been found to be of sound mind.

I feel, to be psychologically fit, all your feelings need to be in working order. If one part of you is either sad, or tired, your body as a whole suffers. Even the slightentest embalance, can leave you feeling not fit in some way. If you have Fibromyalgia, which is a chronic arthritic conition, you will suffer from lots of pain. When pain enters your body, you can’t think. You don’t feel happy. This means your spirit is out of balance. If someone has Parkenson disease, every area of your being suffers. Your mind, and body are so consused, how can it be psychologically fit.

If you have any illness, you can learn to be psychologicially fit. Learn to have a strong, mind, body, and spirit.

To learn more about how your mind controls, our bodies, read this book,’Pain Free for Life,’ This book is written by Scott Brady, MD and William Proctor. It says on the cover, that it is a six week cure for chronic pain-without surgery or drugs. This doctor suffered from many of health issues. He discovered how to release negetive emotions, and how just by doing this, can be a start in the right direction, to living a pain free life.

I’m in the process of reading this book. I can tell you this, you’ll be amazed. Just from what I read so far, I believe that all our feeling work hand in hand with one another.

I also read a true story, about someone, who was in a terrible car accident. His accident left him drained and helpless, for a long time. He had lots of faith in the Lord. He still went through rough times, when he wasn.t psychologically fit. His body was a tragic mess, leaving him in much pain. This type of pain was unbearable. When the word unbearable comes to mind, we sense, and feel pain. Pain like this leaves scars, on our minds, that need repair. Individuals who are suffering from this type of pain, know they can’t think straight. They want to scream, and scream for the pain to stop. The body starts to recover, when the mind except, that it needs help. Physical therapy helps, however counseling, adds, that much needed touch, in order to become pshchologically fit.

Take a good look at your body, not just on the outside. Look deeper to the inside of who you really are.