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Psychedelic Drug Effects

Psychedelia sounds like a terrible word on its own. Its definition means the use of psychedelic drugs and enhancements. Meaning a hallucinogenic power upholding the brain and creating vast and odd images, thus, tweaking out into a psychedelic mode. The drugs can change the cognitive pattern within the brain causing some severe side effects to the body and mind It changes one’s perception and keeps them off balance for a great amount of time. So what is it truly and what are its effects on us?

Psychedelic drugs differ from other types such as cocaine, heroin, ecstasy. They do not increase the heart rate as fast as those drugs nor does it make one’s body collapse into seizures from over use. Instead, this drug may seem like a more powerful answer to marijuana. It puts the brain in a trance state, almost as a true trip of the mind, hence what people of the late 60’s and 70’s called “tripping” when using such a drug. Types of psychedelic drugs include a high amount of tryptamines, an alkaloid found in most fungi (hence the name shrooms), phenethylamines, opioids, and LSD. The most common form especially when this form of drug was popular in the early to mid 70s, was LSD, which is lysergic acid diethylamide, it is not an addictive drug but it alters the sense of time and what hippies have used to call, a spiritual awakening.

Most of these psychedelia drugs have a long lasting effect taking through the trip before come back again, this effect can last up to twelve hours in some cases. They alter one’s consciousness and make them lose track of their own mind. It heightens the senses as well making the brain more acute to sensory of sound, smell, and things of the subconscious coming through the foreground right in front of you.

The pupils dilate after about twenty minutes of taking one of these drugs as well as an occurrence of nausea and dryness of the mouth. Light flashes and a feeling of overcoming bliss occurs because of the way the drug effects those sensations in the brain. Bad trips can occur if usage is overdosed, making the user traumatized with violent images or even a panic attack. An increase of blood pressure happens as a small effect of an usage as well as slight dizziness and feeling faint.

Psychodelic drugs may seem different from others but the effects are still similar to other abused drugs.