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Pros and cons of the South Beach diet

Southbeach diet is done in three phases. Phase one is for two weeks. It is designed to kick start your weight loss. Phase 2 is used to re-introduce healthy carbohydrates into your diet. You will continue to lose weight in phase 2 at a slower rate until you reach your desired goal. Phase 3 is the maintenance phase where you make a true lifestyle change. This is the phase you will keep to maintain your now ideal weight. Like any diet program there are pros and cons, weigh them out if the pros outweigh the cons it might be a good fit and you should give it a try.


– Simple diet to follow Lists of allowed foods are provided, you choose what you want to eat from the allowed list. Very little measuring and no counting is required.
– Diet consists of heart healthy unsaturated fats
– Complex carbohydrates are part of the diet helping in the regulation of insulin levels
– Diet consists of eating foods that are low in the Glycemic Index (slowly digested)
– During phase 2 and 3 the diet has a high percentage of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins
– Reduced cravings due to the food choices available
– Quick weight loss
– No more grumbling stomach Dieters are encouraged to eat healthy meals, and healthy snacks through out the day.


– Phase 1 is very strict and very difficult to get through and can prove to cause health concerns for some people. It may cause ketosis (body using fat for energy), loss of vitamins, minerals and fibres due to not enough fruit and carbohydrate consumption.
– Recipe and meal suggestions are difficult to prepare
– No good exercise program to follow if any at all is suggested
– No alternatives to dairy for those who may be lactose intolerant
– Weight loss during phase 1 is too rapid
– There has not been a great deal of scientific data done to support the Southbeach diet. This suggests a trip to the doctor would be advisable before starting, or while on the diet.