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Pros and Cons of Free Weights

A lot of people work out with weights to help them keep fit, build muscle and look great. Lifting weights even lower their chances of conditions like osteoporosis according to WebMD. Free weights such as dumb bells and bar bells are common for both men and women of all different sizes and fitness levels. There are different advantages and disadvantages to working out with free weights.


The University of Illinois states using free weights allows you to develop many muscles in the body using a wide range of motions. You can build muscle and lower your fat ratio. By getting more fit you lower you improve your physical fitness such as heart health; this helps lower some health risks. You will also look better and feel better about yourself. Others might think you are attractive and you might fit better in your clothing.

Free weights are very cost effective compared to a full weight machine per the American Council on Exercise. The exact cost will depend on the size of the weight, what it is made of, the brand and so forth, but many are as low as $10, $20 and $30. Even the more expensive ones don’t usually come close to the expense of a big weight machine.

Free weights are relatively easy to store, especially the smaller individual hand-held kind. You can place them in a closet or under abed. This is great for someone who does not have a lot of room. Conversely, a weight machine can take up a ton of room that people don’t have. If you have kids it might be dangerous to have a weight machine out that they can get close to, but free weights can be easily locked away.

Free weights are easy to take while on the go. If you travel for work or vacation you can take them with you and continue your exercising in the hotel or wherever you go. They are easy to take when you move. Obviously they do not need to be set up.


Some people have difficulty doing exercises right with free weights. They may find that they can do it perfectly with a weight machine, but cannot quite get the moves right when they just use the weights. When you lift weights incorrectly, not only will you not get the intended effect, but Fox news reports you also have a greater chance of hurting yourself than with a weight machine.

Many people enjoy using a weight machine more than free weights.They may just find it easier to do the exercises they need to do.

An exercise machine typically gives you several choices in adjusting the weights. You can build up and add more weights. You are also able to use different weight amounts while working different muscles. Moreover, adjustments are available for a range of people.With free weights, it is typically just the one weight, or in the case of a full-length bar bells, you have to spend more time adjusting it per Iron Man Magazine. Moreover, free weights sometimes limit the ability to target specific muscles in a way that is more possible with a weight machine.

You may also worry about dropping a free weight on your foot or hurting yourself.

Free weights are a great option for those who love to exercise.Look at the above pros and cons when deciding.