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Product Reviews Listerene Mouthwash

Listerine Antibacterial Mouthwash

-Listerine. Bad for Bacteria. Good For Gums-

The importance of using mouthwash is essential today. There are many additives, sweeteners, and sugars lurking within our foods that we ourselves are sometimes not even aware of. Even though we take every precaution to limit our sugar intake, there are foods on the market that contain large amounts of sugar, and other ingredients that can be the major cause of tooth decay, and rotting of the gums. Processed foods are high in sugar, and that’s just a small example of products that contain harmful ingredients that can cause decaying of the teeth. Sugar is by far the main cause of dental deterioration. It causes cavities, bleeding gums, breakdown of the mouths bone structure, weakening, and loss of teeth. – So serious stuff indeed!

This is where Listerine steps in. Listerine Antibacterial Mouthwash had been around since 1876, and the very fact that is the UK’s number 1 best seller says it all really. In it’s ‘original’ form it has to be one of the best mouthwashes out there.

The Bottle

The bottle is sturdy, it has a great shape, it’s solid, and professional looking. I can imagine this sitting comfortably in any Dental surgery or Hospital. I have the 500 ml bottle, and I find the design very aesthetically pleasing. It’s wider at the top and base, and narrowed to the middle. It’s chunky, and made of clear plastic. It is sealed around the cap with a tight plastic seal, and it states if the seal has been interfered with, when purchased, do not use. In fact I would say, “Do not buy, even!” Common sense really. It has a large white sticker to the centre stating ‘Original Listerine’, Antibacterial Mouthwash. Inside a smaller red section, within the white sticker it states that Listerine reduces plaque by up to 56% , more than brushing alone, and a before and after picture of teeth untreated and then the result after Listerine has been used. The directions, ingredients, and warnings, are to the reverse of the bottle. The colour of the Mouthwash is a pale Amber colour. It reminds me of the colour of Apple juice. It appears medical, and slightly clinical looking. All in all not an unpleasant colour at all. The cap is childproof, it has a picture of a hand to the top of the cap showing which way to turn it. It is secure, and well made, for little hands not to be able to undo. If Listerine is ingested, immediate medical help will be needed. The smell of the mouthwash is very strong indeed, it has a very medical smell, not unpleasant though, just strong and clinical. ~

The Taste

The first impressions when taking a taste of Listerine Original is that of a really fresh, sharp taste! I tried to identify the mixture of ingredients, and what came to me at first was a taste of Cloves, it has a really nice acrid tang, maybe an undertone of Cinnamon I think. I lived in America when I was a child, and the closest thing I can relate Listerine Original to, is a drink in America called Root Beer. Despite it’s name it is not a beer, but a soft drink, and it has the same flavour as the Listerine Original. I really like the sharp, strong taste, and after swilling around my mouth for 30 seconds and disposing of the mouth wash, it had left a lovely fresh taste in my mouth, and around my gums, they were tingling, and they felt thoroughly cleaned. The strong taste does stay in your mouth for a while, but it is not unpleasant, just a nice, clean sensation. You can almost feel the Listerine doing it’s work, destroying all the germs, and preparing your oral health for the day ahead. ~

Hair is known to be your ‘crowning glory’, and it is equally, if not more important to have teeth that are well cared for. We visit the hairdresser regularly, every six weeks is recommended. We have it conditioned, cut, and trimmed to remove split ends. We should be as aware of the importance of our smile! A nice smile can light up your face, and for this you will need clean, white teeth that have been looked after. Dentists recommend Listerine, so in addition to regular dental check ups, and flossing, Listerine should be part of your daily dental care. Listerine provides protection 24/7, and it works by killing the germs that create the plaque. Plaque is the white and sticky residue that gathers on the teeth from food particles and bacteria. It can cause serious problems if left untreated. You should give your teeth a thorough brushing at least twice daily. I always brush mine after I have eaten chocolate, sweets, or biscuits, as the softness of the food when broken down can lodge between the teeth and do damage. So I like to remove this straight away, not giving it a chance to do it’s stuff! I also like to floss in between my teeth to remove any residue of food. Eating an apple, celery, or carrot is a good way also of cleaning the teeth, and freshening the mouth if you do not have a toothbrush to hand. ~

There is nothing worse than a smile that broadens to reveal yellow, stained teeth! I don’t know about you but I can’t even look at someone with ‘bad’ teeth, it is so unhealthy looking, and spoils the face as a whole. So the importance of oral care should be up there with regular daily body hygiene. A smile can light up your face, but not if the smile in question is virtually toothless from neglecting their oral hygiene. A trip to the dentist can be frightening, but not as scary as a toothless smile. That certainly ‘won’t’ light up your face! If you are a smoker there are some great toothpastes out there that remove the effects that the tar and Nicotine leave upon your teeth. This coupled with a twice daily swilling of Listerine should keep bacteria to a minimum. Plaque is insidious, and slowly wears down the framework of the teeth, loosening the grip the bone has upon them.~

Listerine and Halitosis

In this age of competitiveness in the workplace, to suffer from Halitosis has got to be a drawback surely. It really is very offensive, and anti social to have someone near to you who has Halitosis, and while you are discussing work related agenda’s, or meeting clients, nobody likes to be in close range of a blast of bad breath. First impressions count for a lot, and a clean, fresh mouth, and wide smile are important signals of confidence. Halitosis may ultimately be a hindrance to colleague comradeship, and possibly to a promotion in the workplace. Halitosis could be a serious drawback in a close relationship also. I don’t think I would even be able to even kiss someone who suffered with bad breath, it would be so off putting. But by swilling Listerine around your mouth twice daily it will kill many of the germs that cause the Halitosis. Not all Halitosis is caused by germs in the mouth, and if the problem persists, get a doctor to check out stomach acidity levels. As this is known to be the cause of bad breath also. Tartar build up will cause staining, and discolouring. Coffee, Tea, and red wine are notorious for staining the teeth, and brushing alone will not shift these stains. You need Listerine alongside brushing to keep discolouration at bay, and to sustain clean white teeth.~

Listerine and Gum Disease

Another serious problem that germs in the mouth can cause is gum disease, such as Gingivitis, and periodontal disease. This is characterised by tenderness and infection of the tissues that support the teeth. In Gingivitis bleeding will occur, and if left untreated will turn into peridonatal disease. It is a fact that more teeth are lost due to gum disease than due to tooth decay. Plaque is the single cause of gum disease. It is a clinging bacteria that attaches itself to the teeth and gums. And it is this alone that is the main cause of gum disease. The importance of using Listerine cannot be stressed enough. It will keep gum disease at bay by destroying the Plaque at source. ~

Listerine in conjunction with brushing and flossing will keep your teeth in tip top condition. Used twice daily Listerine will protect you from the build up of plaque, and bacteria in the mouth. It recommends you use every 12 hours. The amount stated for use is 20 mls, measured by 4-5 teaspoons full, which you can transfer into the cap for swilling around your mouth for 30 seconds . Do not dilute! Listerine provides 24 hour protection. It will keep your breath fresh by killing the germs that cause bad breath and gum disease. Smoking can also lead to gum disease, as smoking increases plaque and accelerates the speed of gum disease. The first sign of gum disease is bleeding, and/or swelling of the gums, and a bad taste in your mouth, and it is proven that 95% of people will contact gum disease, and this the biggest cause of tooth loss in adults, in the UK. Another symptom of gum disease is the appearance of Halitosis. Listerine kills millions of germs on contact, to prevent and reduce plaque build in those out of the way areas of the mouth. It leaves your mouth feeling, and smelling fresh, and clean, and your gums tingling.~


As with all medicinal or clinical items Listerine comes with it’s warnings.


Not suitable for use in children under 12.
Do not use if protective plastic seal is broken.
Do not dilute, swallow, or swig from the bottle.
It recommends is mouth problems persist after using Listerine for 2 days, see your dentist.
store at 59 to 77F
cold weather may cloud this product. Its antiseptic properties are not affected.

In Summing Up

I have to say I am very impressed with Listerine Original Antibacterial Mouthwash. I can see why it is the UK’s top seller. They must know a thing or two about oral care by now. I liked the bottle, it is well designed, and of top quality. The 500 ml bottle cost me 2.45, which I thought was a very good price for the size of the bottle. The taste is fresh and tingling, as you would expect a mouthwash to be. The colour of the liquid is attractive, and the bottle is slim enough to store tidily, or to place on the sink. I liked the strong childproof cap. This is very important as this Mouthwash must not be swallowed. If this does occur you must seek Medical help immediately. Listerine Has the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance for helping to prevent and reduce gingivitis and plaque. It has also won awards for excellence in oral hygiene. This in itself does instill confidence in the buyer. The colours of the mouthwash are great, and the bottle is attractive. Listerine mouthwash contains essentials oils, which reduce plaque increasing by 56%., as proven in clinical trials. It cleans the teeth and gums well, and after using my mouth felt tingling fresh. I loved the flavour of the Original Listerine personally, but it may be too strong for some. Especially someone with sensitive teeth. For this I would recommend one of their milder varieties, such as Cool Citrus. I actually felt that this mouthwash was working. Some mouthwashes are so weak, and I feel that after using them, it has been a total waste of time,and feel no cleansing effect afterwards. – So all in all I confidently recommend Listerine Original Antibacterial Mouthwash 100%. It is a quality brand. It has proven claims, that are backed up by research., and they have been successfully producing mouthwash since 1876. I think that says it all really. A trusted quality brand. ~

Availability: Listerine Original Antibacterial Mouthwash is available from most Chemists and Supermarkets. I paid 2.45 for my 500 ml bottle.(Prices may very) Listerine is also available in a smaller size.

Listerine comes in a variety of flavours: Arctic Mint. Coolmint. Cool citrus. Advanced Tartar control. Freshburst, to name but a few.

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