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Problems Caused by Low self Esteem

Low self esteem is an issue that plagues many. It is an issue that is prevalent in all genders, races and a wide range of age groups. There are many problems that can arise from having low self esteem, ranging from poor body image to things such as relationship problems.

Relationship problems, poor body image, anger and jealousy are all issues that can be caused by low self esteem. According to a study completed by the American Psychological Association in May of 2006, low self esteem can cause a person to have a distorted view of their significant other. The research found that those with low self esteem will have varying opinions of their mate over time and will view their relationship on the whole as either positive or negative at any given point in time. Whereas, those with a higher level of self esteem are more confident in their relationships, more apt to discuss their relationships and to freely judge what they think of their partner and their relationship without the sense of feeling threatened.

Poor body image is another issue that can be caused by low self esteem. An individual with low self esteem may view their appearance as unattractive, over or underweight. This can lead to the desire to be a perfectionist, or a feeling of worthlessness and never feeling good enough. Those that tread the path of the perfectionist may obsess about their weight and can potentially develop an eating disorder that can lead to overeating in an effort to gain weight, or starving themselves or binging and purging in an attempt to lose weight. This can also lead to compulsive exercising; all of which pose significant health risks if not treated.

Individuals with low self esteem may also be plagued by jealousy and anger. In a study completed in February of 2005 by the American Psychological Association, it was revealed that those dealing with anger and jealousy could be directly linked to issues with low self esteem. The study further indicated that those with low self esteem were jealous if their peers spent time with others instead of them and feared that they were going to be replaced. These feelings compounded created a new set of woes that led to them having a lack of trust in others and feelings of not being good enough or feeling unaccepted by others.

One of the most ubiquitous issues that can be caused by low self esteem is anxiety. Those with low self esteem are often in a constant state of worry. They question whether or not anything they do is good enough, or even if doing anything at all is even worth their time and effort. They’re deeply concerned with pleasing others in an effort to make themselves feel better, but often times end up feeling used and under-appreciated, which only increases their feelings of having a poor self image. Without treatment, anxiety can quickly turn into a gigantic problem and only serve to make things worse for those dealing with feelings of low self esteem.

Although low self esteem afflicts many individuals, regardless of age, gender or race, there are fortunately many resources available to help. For those that are suffering from low self esteem, psychological counseling can offer a tremendous amount of healing and appropriate steps to building a higher level of self esteem for those that are lacking it. Receiving treatment from a primary care doctor can also be helpful for individuals suffering from problems caused by low self esteem. In many cases, the stepping stones towards building a higher level of self esteem are simple tasks that require nothing more than a little effort and willingness to try. Doctors typically recommend eating a well balanced diet, developing a healthy exercise routine and for an individual to take time out for themselves to do something that they truly enjoy. Having low self esteem can affect many people, but there are many resources available to resolve the issue and help individuals towards leading happier, healthier and more confident lifestyles.