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Prevent Aging with Good Nutrition

How to prevent aging with good nutrition

Gray hairs, crow’s feet, and laugh lines: a youthful appearance is one that often takes priority over aging naturally and health. It is often implied that one need not worry about aging today, but tackle these problems when they arise with one of a multitude ‘quick fixes’ that our society has grown all too used to over the years.

Just as it takes an extensive amount time for an infant to become an adult, secondary aging is also a gradual process, one that cannot be reversed no matter how many creams, cosmetic surgeries, or laser treatments one invests in. What’s more, the aesthetic signs of aging are misleading, depicted as more important than what’s happening internally – a serious fault. At the end of the day, it’s not the type of hair dye that one uses which will ensure longevity, but how a body was taken care of over the course of its existence. It’s never too early or too late to make simple improvements within your diet.

Nutrition for longevity

It’s a fact: What you eat today could very well come back to haunt you tomorrow. The primary key to maintaining any type of nutrition plan, whether you’re an athlete or executive, is consistency. Combined with a proper exercise routine, eating right is one of the best things to do in order to ensure longevity?

Interested in living until you’re 100? Here’s what you need to know.

Lean proteins

The best way to maintain and build muscle mass is to consume at least 50 grams of protein daily, preferably from their original source: cottage cheese, albacore tuna, turkey breast, in addition to many other types of seafood fit in this category.

Whole grains

In order to feel satiated after meals and maintain digestive regularity, the importance of whole grains should not be underemphasized. For efficiency, these should be consumed during the first have to the day, and include brown rice and pasta, steel cut oats, and whole wheat bread. In addition, whole grain foods need an adequate amount of water to be processed, so make sure you’re getting those eight glasses a day. Otherwise, you run the risk of constipation, gas, and a slew of other digestive complications.

Fruits and vegetables

Most of the age-preventing agents you’re going to want to implement into your diet come from these foods, including:

Cruciferous vegetables: these include broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Persons who consume these in regular amounts are shown to have a lower level of cancer. These veggies are great in lowering bodily toxin levels.

Berries: Antioxidants. You’ve heard the word everywhere in the last few years. To evade those free radicals, there is nothing better than a handful of dark berries. When in doubt, go raw.

Avocados: Another word vocabulary word for the nutrition conscious: Omega fatty acids. Utilized in most bodily functions, most Americans are running a deficit in these fats, which sets them at risk for a slew of health issues, from bad skin to high blood pressure to depression.