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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD is the diagnosis of many a soldier returning from war. This is understandable, because war is very traumatic. You see death, destruction, and other things that you should never be exposed to. However, returning from war is not the only cause of post traumatic stress disorder. In fact, it is only one of many causes of this debilitating disorder that can cause everything from flashbacks to pure fear when faced with any kind of confrontational situation.

One of the most common causes of this condition is domestic violence. When it is caused by domestic violence, it is often known as ‘battered wife’ syndrome. It is, however, the same thing as PTSD. The most frightening part is that it does not have to be caused by physical violence. Emotional abuse can cause the same symptoms. Some of the symptoms that are caused by this include jumping at noises or if someone else enters the room, acting suspiciously, in spite of the fact that you are doing nothing wrong, or just a generalized fear.

A woman who is suffering from this disorder because of past abuse may display certain behaviors that seem odd until they are put in perspective with the understanding of her condition. If she is in a new relationship, she may knock on her own bedroom door to make sure that it’s ok to enter. I did this early in my current relationship, myself, and was soon reassured by my husband that the bedroom is as much mine as it is his. She may shut down computer windows quickly, or jump when someone else enters the room. Although these behaviors may appear suspicious at first glance, you must remember that she has been unable to have a livfe of her own at all, and any hint that she was not serving her husband exclusively was cause for her to be berated. She may fear going near her ex-husband or anyone that has to do with him, even at the expense of her own children. Having to go anywhere near her ex, or anyone associated with him, may send her into a full blown panic attack.

PTSD is very serious, and needs to be taken seriously. Living in fear is something that no one should have to face, although far too many people have to. It is caused by war, yes, but we forget that sometimes wars are fought on a personal basis rather than between nations.