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Possible causes of Vaginal Lumps

Many women around the world suffer from vaginal diseases but don’t know the reason or how they have gotten it. Many signs of this problem is vaginal lumps. Vaginal lumps or cysts are small protrusions that come up in and near the area of the vagina. They can occur anywhere on the soft skin surface near the vaginal area. It is similar to any small swelling that you might find on any part of your body.

There are many causes for such lumps to occur. Most of the lumps are painless, while some become painful if they happen to get infected. Maybe there could be the presence of sweat, dirt, or even urine. These could irritate the skin and cause small bumps to form on the fleshy outer surface of the skin. Vaginal lumps are usually not painful, but sometimes they could be a disturbance. Painful lumps occur when there are blisters or sores in your vaginal area.

Many commonly known causes for women to have vaginal lumps are sexually transmitted diseases. The lumps might develop due to sexual intercourse in an unprotected manner and skin contact.

Mostly, a cyst or a lump develops due to a blocked skin gland and it will resemble a slightly bloated pimple or swelling. They will usually come in the vulva, which is the area near the vagina.

Sometimes, there may be a large pimple which could occur from the swelling of an infected hair follicle. They will be mostly slightly big, pink in color or the skin color. They occur mostly in the genital area. It is best to show them to your doctor, who can then provide you with the appropriate antibiotics to resolve the problem.

You have to be on the lookout for warts which are mostly found at the entrance of the vagina and are small bulges that can cause a skin change in that area. They are formed most probably due to the infection from Human pusillanimous or otherwise known as HPV. They are not painful but extremely contagious and are transmitted through skin to skin contact. Try to stop sexual contact when you find out about warts and they will dry up on their own.

Then there are also herpes infection and sores that come up in and around the vulva and the vagina. They are a bit painful and rough on the surface. They also go off by themselves, but will repeatedly sprout out again at least once a month.

Basically we should ensure to be clean, use safe sex measures, live in hygienic conditions and a lot of our body problems will come to a close.

We should not panic in such situations, but rather logically analyse the problem. Though, it is good for us to do a self study on our health problems, it is always advisable to seek the help of an expert gynecologist. They will do a detailed examination of the problem and give us the relevant reasoning and medications needed to solve the problem.